My Running is a bit Sluggish in the Moment

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On Monday night I met some friends at the local research center for a couple loops. The local research center is surrounded by a 6.6 km (4.1 mi.) long lighted, asphalt access road which is ideal for running in the winter. My legs were a bit tired as we started out, I increased my mileage by 25% last week and felt it, particularily on the second loop - a good reason to increase mileage more gradually. During my runs on Saturday and Sunday I also noticed a bit of stiffness in the legs, and a cramp of sorts in the right leg. This has left me wondering what's going on. Maybe its time to replace my aging running shoes, I've been wearing a couple pairs that have over 700 miles on them.

Tonight I want to head to the swimming pool and practice my newly learned swimming skills. Thomas commented the other day that I really don't need to swim that good in order to complete a sprint triathlon. This is true of course, but I would like to perfect my crawl swimming in case I am more ambitious in the future. I'm one of those guys who said I just wanted to try a marathon once and be done with it - I'm still at it!

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