Working on the Training Plan for 2010

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On Saturday I met two friends from my running club for a loop before our regular run with the club. One of the guys is training for a marathon in the spring, so we ran the 13 km (8 mi.) loop at around a 5:30/km (8:50/mi) pace. I have been running at a relaxed pace the last month or two, so this seemed quite fast - but I stuck with them. We were a bit late reaching the trailhead, so our club had already taken off for their run. When my two running mates stopped at their cars for a drink I sprinted (7:30/mi. pace) on ahead and caught the group I run with after 7-8 minutes. I stayed with the group over the rest of the 11 km (6.8 mi) loop.

On Sunday after church I went for another run, around 17 km (10.5 mi.) at an easy pace (around 10:00/mi). It was quite brisk outside, 3°C (37°F) with a slight breeze that chilled the bone - I tried to stay mostly in the wooded areas around my town to avoid the latter.

Later I spent some time working on my training plan for next year. My main event will be a 100K race in Biel, Switzerland on June 11. To build up to this race I plan on running a marathon in April 18th and a 50K on May 13th, pretty much what I have been doing the last couple years.

My basic training plan will be as follows:

Monday: 11 or 13 km (7-8 mi.)
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: 11 or 13 km (7-8 mi.)
Thursday: Crosstraining
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run 20-36 km (13-22 mi.)
Sunday: Distance from Saturday minus 6 km (4 mi.)

Starting in February I will run one of the longer runs on my hilly route. When the long run on Saturday reaches 18-20 miles I will probably move my Monday run to Tuesday to provide recovery. In March I will probably increase my Wednesday run to 20 km (12.5 mi.).

The back to back long runs on the weekend worked especially well in 2009 in preparing me for my first 100K, so want to try it again in 2010.

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