Finally some good running weather

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The weather in my part of Germany has taken a radical turn for the better, warm days (16°C/61°F), a bit of sunshine and NO SNOW. This weekend rained a bit, but it was a pleasure to run.

On Saturday I met Birgit, part of the dynamic duo that is running the 100K race with me in June, for a long run. We knocked out almost two hours before joining up with our running club for the rest. Andreas, the other half of the dynamic duo and who is also Birgit's husband, joined us for a couple kilometers before running on ahead. We were running a bit faster than the mid-pack group, but decided to keep our pace rather than slow down for them. We ended up running 28 km (17.5 mi.) at an average pace of 6:09/km (9:54/mi.), well under the pace required to complete our 100K event.

On Sunday RB joined me on the first part of my run, the first 15 km (9 mi.) quickly melted away as we chatted our way through the forest. It was only with the utmost regret that I had to leave her at her doorstep and finish the last 9 km (5 mi.) alone, a good running partner is worth their weight in gold! In any case I finished my 24 km/15 mi. run at a faster than planned pace, around 6:15/km (10:05/mi.)

I can tell that my training is working, my legs felt good on Monday, despite the back-to-back long runs on the weekend. I guess the fact the snow is gone may also play a role, it is a lot easier to run when you don't have to slip and slide along the way. Last night I ran a 13 km (8 mi.) run with Birgit and felt like I could have easily run a second loop, but decided to save my legs for my run with RB tonight.

I am thinking about running my first training marathon in March rather than April, I think my training is far enough along that I can manage one. I have two possibilities, either the Bienwald (Bee Forest) Marathon on March 14th, or the Eschollbruecken 50K on March 21st. Both are flat courses and within an hour's drive. The 50K consists of ten 5K loops, so is the less desirable of the two, but the I have run the Bienwald Marathon several times and find it rather boring, mainly due to long straight stretches that never seem to end. I have a couple weeks to think about it in any case, I would love to do both, but I don't need to get on my wife's nerves so early in the season ;-)

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Congrats on the weather - we've bene having a bit of a "warm spell" and it has been a blessed relief from the miserable cold! Amazing the difference a few degrees makes! :-)

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