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On Wednesday is was still light outside when I got home from work, so I changed quick and headed out the door for a run. After warming up for 5 minutes I decided to push the pace for a few kilometers before it got dark. The snow that we have been having was gone and the trails dry, so before long I was cruising along at near 10K race pace. After 7-8 km I started feeling a twinge in my left leg but was having a good time so ignored it. By kilometer 10 or so, the twinge was replaced with pain, I knew I had stretched out my pace (and my muscles) a little too far. Unfortunately I was still about 5 miles from the house...I slowed down, but by the time I was home I knew the damage was done.

When I woke up Thursday my leg was still really sore, I actually hobbled around a bit until my muscles warmed up. By the time I got home from work my leg felt better, so I decided to go ahead and meet friends for a run around the local research center. It had snowed all day, so I knew the pace would be slow. The first few minutes my leg was stiff and running a bit awkward, but once I warmed I was fine. I ran the rest of the 6.6 km loop feeling better with each step, but decided not to run the second loop, no sense overdoing it.

Today my leg muscles are a bit sore, but much better. Tonight I will take an extra rest day and hopefully by morning I can continue with my training.

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