Running in the Snow is Difficult

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By Saturday my legs were feeling better after the overambitious speed training on Wednesday, so I decided to go ahead with my long run as scheduled. There was several inches of new snow on the ground so I knew it would not be an easy 28 km (17.5 mi.) run. I arrived at the running club trailhead around 2 p.m., with the intent of getting in several miles before joining running friends Birgit and Gerd at 2:45 p.m. I headed out over the first couple miles of the running club trail, than circled back around returning to the trailhead shortly before Birgit arrived.

As I greeted Birgit she said that Gerd had contacted her and wouldn't be coming, so we headed out on our own, running the running club trail in the reverse direction. The trail was covered with snow, so the running was demanding, we both noticed it in the legs by the time we returned to the trailhead. We joined members of our running club who we assembling for our group run, but after a couple minutes decided it was too cold to stand around any longer and took off on our next loop. We were joined by our friend Uli who energized us with new conversation. After about 5 km Birgit decided to cut her run a bit short and turned back toward the trailhead, Uli and I continued on around the loop.

The last few miles were increasingly harder, running in 4-6 inches of fresh snow is quite demanding, my legs were quite tired by the time we finished the run, despite a slower pace. I stayed a few minutes to chat with friends, but quickly grew cold in the wet clothes, so headed home for a hot shower and food.

On Sunday after church I again headed out on the snow covered trails for a run. I had 24 km (15 mi.) on my schedule, but my legs were tired from the long run the day before and the trails were slippery. After slipping and sliding for 16 km (10 mi.) I decided I had enough and called it quits for the day.

Last week was a particularly hard week, not because of higher mileage, rather due to a poor training decision, namely running a longer training run at a pace that I was not used to. This together with the slippery trail conditions have left my legs in poor shape, I still have not recovered completely!

This week will be more slipping and sliding as the snow has remained, despite a slight increase in temperature. I need to pay particular attention to my pace and be careful to allow enough recovery time, even to the point of dropping a run or two if required.

I guess after three super years of running and racing the body is trying to tell me that it might be time to slow down, especially after passing the half-century old mark last year. We'll see what happens, in any case I still have lots of time to train for my 100K in June, I just have to train smart.

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