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Without really meaning to, my blogging has traversed from an almost daily routine to more of a weekly routine. Somehow work and life has left me too mentally worn-out to think of anything clever to say. I have also been wondering lately where I want to go with my blog, I guess we all do this from time to time, and I know sometimes blogs hit the wall and DNF. I think for now I am going back to the basics, which means for me archiving my training so that I can use it as a training tool. In March race season will be kicking in, so race reports and hopefully pictures will once again begin flowing from this site.

My main training goal for 2010 is the 100K race in Biel, Switzerland on June 11th. As part of my preparation I have decided to run at least the following races:

The Escholllbrucken 50K on March 21st (a flat course consisting of 5 km loops)
The German Wine Street Marathon on April 18 (a hilly road marathon)
The Westerwald Forest 50K on May 13 (a very hilly 50K run over fields and forests)

This past week I ran four times:

Wednesday: 17 km (10.5 mi) @ 6:12/km (9:59/mi) average pace
Thursday: 13 km (8 mi) @ 6:30/km (10:28/mi) average pace
Saturday: 26 km (16 mi) @ 5:51/km (9:25/mi) average pace
Sunday: 22 km (14 mi) @ 6:51/km (11:00/mi) average pace

On Saturday morning I ran the first half of my long run with a friend from my running club, we ran a bit faster than I generally run my flat long runs this time of year and I decided to keep up the pace for the second half. The last few kilometers I actually speeded up somewhat, which surprised me on the one side, but also left my legs in less than good shape for Sunday.

Saturday night we got home late from a friend's birthday, so I had a hard time dragging myself out the door on Sunday afternoon for my second long run. I also had to fight the desire to skip my hilly workout and settle for another run around my flat town. Luckily I remembered the upcoming hilly running events in the near future and drove to Weingarten to run my hilly route.

My legs were a bit stiff as I warmed up with a flat kilometer before heading up the first hill, but I knew that once I started climbing this would pass. I kept the pace down, but stayed with my plan, running the most challenging hills that I could find without pause. The route that I picked basically had me heading up the hill, turning right, heading back down the next path, repeat. I literally circled my way around the hilltop until I ran out of trails. From here I headed into the next valley and headed up the next hilltop. By this time my pace was dwindling so after a long climb to the top I circled back to my original hill range and made my way up and over the plateau back to my car. I ended up with 22 km (~14 mi.) with approx. 1150 meters of elevation gain and 1175 meters elevation loss.

The weekend double long run left my legs tired and a bit stiff, to me a sign that the training is providing the necessary effort. My legs were still a bit tired on Monday, but no aches, pain or discomfort. I took a training day off, as planned, and today will only do cross-training (swimming). This week will be a repeat of last week's training; the only difference will be a 2 km (1.2 mi.) increase for my long runs.

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