A Training and Health Update

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After completing the 50K run last Thursday I was able to continue training on the weekend without any problem. I ran the normal 11.2 km (6.8 mi.) loop at the running club with RB and other friends on Saturday night, and ran a hilly 25 km (15.5 mi.) run on Sunday afternoon. On Monday I rested, spending 2 hours in the garden after work planting potatoes and trying to get ahead of the weeds. I ran again on Tuesday and Thursday, and plan on running a long run this evening after work. I even managed a 1000 meter swim on Wednesday, despite the effort causing discomfort in my back.

The last week has also been filled with medical appointments. On Friday (the day after the 50K run) I was at my neurologist appointment, he didn't find anything out of the ordinary with my back, my nerves seem to respond normally and I wasn't experiencing any pain while I was there. He was a bit baffled that I ran a hilly 50K event the day before, especially after I explained the problems I have been having. He ended up sending me to the health center in Karlsruhe for an MRT, which I had on Wednesday. I also had a general check-up at my normal doctor on Monday. Other then the back problems, he said I am in good health.

My MRT revealed a white blotch around my third and fourth vertebrae, I will find out exactly what this is at my next appointment at the neurologist in the middle of June. If you haven't been following my blog, I began having pain in my lower back around the beginning of March. This occurs mostly when I try to sleep or stand up too long. When I walk to the train station mornings my right leg feels like it goes to sleep, and sometimes I have pain in the quad or foot. When I sit in the train the pain goes away by the time I reach my destination (< 15 minutes) and usually doesn't occur the rest of the day unless I walk or stand too much. The crazy thing is that I have no problem when I run, as evidenced by my 50K run last week. I do make an effort to run with good posture and to avoid rough terrain.

I also pulled a muscle at the end of my last marathon a month ago. This has since healed and I have been able to run more or less normal in the last week or two.

In any case it is three weeks until the 100K event in Biel, Switzerland. I am signed up for the race and, not withstanding any unforeseen problems, expect to be able to complete the event. I have scaled down my expectations and plan to run "just to finish", without any specific finish time in mind. I have up to 21 hours to finish the event and it is an easier course than last year's 100K event in Ulm, Germany. Last year I needed just under 12 hours to complete the distance.

My sprint triathlon is also looming on the horizon, July 11th being my debut in this new world. Cold rainy weather has discouraged me from doing much cycling, and I also neglected my swimming while recovering from the pulled muscle. As I reduce my running to taper for the 100K, I need to add more swimming and cycling.

It is going to be an interesting couple of months, especially because I still don't know exactly what's up with my back or what kind of treatment to expect. I have to remain patient and not overdo it until then. As long as I am still running without pain I will continue, but will scale back a bit on the speed and difficulty - at least from my perspective.

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I'll go out on a limb here, Jack -- the sprint tri shouldn't be a worry for you.

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