An Encouraging 11 KM Run

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Last night I met running friends Uli and Bernd at our local research center for a run. We headed over the mostly dirt paths towards Karlsruhe, Uli has had knee problems and my leg is still healing, so we opted for the softer path option. Bernd just completed a 3:23 marathon a couple weeks back so was like a Porsche stuck in second gear as Uli and I dictated the pace. We wound our way over 11 km (6.8 mi.) at an average pace of around 6:05/km (9:45/mi.).

My legs felt better than the last two days of running, but my back ached for the first time while running. Luckily after 15-20 minutes my back loosened up and felt better. On the down side my pulled muscle in the left leg started to throb a bit over the last few kilometers and my two running mates noticed (as I did) that my stride kept getting shorter on the left side. I managed to finish without any real suffering and felt fine later on when I got home.

This morning my back was fine, I slept good without any apparent back pain, the first night in weeks that I have slept through. I woke refreshed and full of energy, another first since a long time. I did experience the same numbing feeling in my right leg that I do most mornings (since March), a result of the pinched nerve in my back, but it was not as severe as usual. I guess I will see in the next day or two if this is a quirk or if I am getting better. I'm praying for the latter.

Tomorrow I am running the Baden Mile as part of my company team. The Baden Mile is a 8.88889 km (5.5 mi.) race in Karlsruhe that attracts over 3500 runners each year. Before my injuries I had planned on trying to break my 42:20 best time, but now I am just going to run for fun and try not to aggravate my injuries. When it doesn't rain maybe I'll bring my camera and document the event.

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