Rebuilding the Running Machine

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With the reoccurring pain in my left leg last Monday and Tuesday I decided not to run for a few days and see if the body would heal. Last Thursday we had incredibly beautiful weather with the temperature rising to 86°F! After work I changed quick and headed out for a bike ride. I decided to head for the hills and rode over a hilly route that brought me through the beautiful Kraichgau region and back through Weingarten, near where I run my hilly runs. I ended up covering 45 km (28 mi.) in just over 2 hours. More importantly I got in a good workout, with multiple hill climbs, without any complaining from my legs or back!

On Saturday I decided to test my running legs, I headed out on a roughly 5 km loop with the intention of running as far as I could until my legs complained. The first 9-10 miles went well, I maintained roughly a 6:15/km (10:00/mi.) pace, but gradually I noticed soreness in the left leg muscle that I pulled at the end of my marathon a couple weeks ago. I completed the loop that I was doing and decided to quit. I finished 21.1 km (13.1 mi.) in around 2:15:00.

During my run on Saturday I noticed that my legs still have not recovered from the marathon, the first time in years that it has taken so long. It was clearly a wise choice not to run the 50K race on Saturday, I may have been able to crawl over the finish eventually, but it probably would have left me on the sidelines for many weeks to come.

This week I want to do three shorter runs between 5 and 8 miles on Tuesday thru Thursday, then rest a day or two and try something longer on Saturday. If this works out as planned I will try to run the 50K Westerwald Forest Run on Ascension Day (May 13). This race is particularly important as it will be the test to see if I have any hope of finishing the 100K race on June 11th.

I think May is going to be an interesting month, I hope it turns out better than April in the running arena.

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