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This past weekend was filled with various training activities, including on Whitsun Monday, a holiday in our part of Germany. On Friday after work I suited up and headed out for along run. My goal was 4 hours, but after 3 hours 42 minutes I decided it was enough - the weather had warmed up dramatically compared to previous weeks and my body was not yet acclimatized.

On Saturday the sun was burning brightly, with blue skies and a gentle wind, I decided to get in some cycling time. I rode about 45 km (28 mi.) before I needed to get back to the house - my wife and I wanted to attend a Jazz festival.

On Sunday noon I went for a 16.5 km (10 mi.) run. My legs were a bit stiff, but the continuing sunny weather spurred me on.

Monday I headed out for another cycling ride, this time with a friends racing bike that I am trying out. This was the first time that I rode a bike with shoes that you clip onto the pedals. The results of this experiment were, well embarrassing and painful, as I preceded to get all tangled up in the process. I only took one bad spill that drew blood - after a panic braking action to avoid hitting a dog. Somehow I managed to fall on my side with both feet still clipped onto the pedals - thankfully I was wearing a helmet. I ended up cycling about 30 km (18.5 mi.), and can foresee using this bike for my upcoming Sprint triathlon in July...after all I only need to dismount once, right.

My back didn't seem to bother quite so bad this weekend, mostly when I stood around too long. I hope this is a positive sign, we'll see.

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