The Main Event for 2010: 100 Miles or Bust!


Okay, no one besides Art responded to my gentle hints:

So I guess I will have to be more direct. My running friend Birgit, who completed the 100K race in Biel and the 50 Mile Fidelitas Night Run with me in June, will be joining me for the main event for 2010, the Kraichgau and Stromber and Heuchelberg 100 Mile Trail!


The 1st Annual Kraichgau und Stromber und Heuchelberg (KuSuH, und = and) takes place on September 25th and 26 in Oberderdingen, Germany, about 30-40 minutes away from where we live. Participation is by invitation only, with a maximum of 25 participants. Potential participants send a postcard or letter listing their experience to the organizers and those entrants that deem to qualify are notified of their acceptance. Birgit and I landed two of the last three available slots.

The course offers roughly 2500 meters (7500 feet) of elevation change, nothing too high or too long, just lots and lots of shorter climbs. We will have 28 hours to complete the event, runners age 60 and over are allowed 30 hours, runners age 65 and over are allowed 32 hours and so on.

We have both taken 2-3 weeks off from hard training since the 50 mile race in June, now its time to start picking up the mileage. Birgit is on vacation for another week, so this weekend I plan on running a training marathon in the Black Forest. Also planned are a couple training marathons at the beginning of September, a good dress rehearsal for the main event.


Jack, I think this is going to be AWESOME. We all need to chip in and buy you the smallest, lightest weighing digital camera, so we get photos from along the trail!

Very cool Jack! Thanks for using the direct approach. 100 miles is a long way - have a blast running it!

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