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It seems like no two weeks have been the same as I continue to train for my first 100 mile race. This week was really busy at work, so I had to adjust my training plan accordingly. I had intended on running at least 4-5 hours this past Saturday, but life got in the way and I settled for a faster 34 km (21 mi.) run on Friday after work.

Late Sunday afternoon I headed out into the rain to RB for a run. RB is training for the half-marathon in Karlsruhe in three weeks, so we have been running together for the past month or two. The rain let up as we started, so we ran about 19.9 km (12 mi.) before she said she had enough. As we ran by her house to drop her off, it started to rain again, so I quickly headed out for another 5-6 km before heading home. I ended up with 26 km (16 mi.) for the day, 101 km (63 mi.) for the week.

This coming Friday I am taking a half day of vacation so Birgit and I can run a longer section of the 100 Mile route, probably around 45-50 km (up to 30 mi.). On Sunday is RB's last long run, she want to run a hilly 26 km route over Durlach, I'm looking forward to it!

This is basically my last week of training before I start tapering for the 100 mile race. However on September 12, Birgit and I are running a hilly marathon in Pirmasens, Germany at race pace - 100 mile race pace that is, I guess it won't wear us down too much ;-)

Putting on the Miles

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I have continued to average around 60-65 miles a week for the last month in preparation for the KuSuH 100 event. On Saturday Brigit and I sent 10 hours on the course, running up and down vineyards and what seemingly must have been every hilly peak in the region. The course does not have mountains like most 100 mile events, but it sure has enough hills to make up for it.


Much of the course is still not marked, so we lost a lot of time on Saturday trying to find the right path to take. We have a five page description of the course, but if you get off track there is no way to follow the description until you are back to a known point on the course - a warning for us on race day.


In any case we covered around 56 km (35 mi.) on Saturday, including a large part of the course that will be run through the night. We hope to cover the remaining parts over the next couple weeks, then its taper time until September 25th!

Training on the KuSuH 100 Trail

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This past week was another high mileage week, just over 62 miles in five runs. On Saturday I picked up Birgit at 7:30 a.m. and we drove to Bretten to run a portion of the 100 mile course. Much to our delight part of the course was already marked, so we were able to follow the paint markings for several hours. The course was much rougher than any other race course I've seen so far in Germany, with single trail, treks across fields, some log hopping and lots of berries and burning nettle to keep us alert. Still fairly civilized for a trail race course, especially compared to those in the USA I have heard about.

After roughly 12 miles the course was no longer marked so we had to rely on the course description and a couple maps that we had with us, we only got lost misplaced a couple times ;-) We ran about 30 km (18 mi.) of the course before looking for a short cut back to Bretten. We ended up with almost 38 km (23.5 mi.) in just over 6 hours. This works out to almost a walking pace, but we wasted at least a half hour stopping to check our maps, so I guess our race pace will be faster.

I feel the run gave us a pretty good orientation of what to expect on race day. With a 28 hour time limit we are going to have to proceed at a pretty dedicated pace, especially during the daylight hours. For the night portions good lights are going to be critical, the white dots of paint that marked the trail will be easy to miss in the dark.

We hope to run a couple more portions of the trail before the race, preferably those that will be run during the night. Next time I will have to remember to bring my camera - sorry Art!

Training for 100 Miles

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My training for the KuSuH 100 Mile event on September 25 is going pretty well. The good news is that my physiotherapy for my back pain is starting to help, I'm running smoother and slightly faster. The bad news is my job workload is requiring more and more time and life is entirely too busy, a stressful situation in any case.

The time is too short until the event to follow any particular training schedule. Other than going from 4 days a week running to 5, and increasing my long run distance slightly, I am training like I always train for an ultra.

Here is my training plan for this week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 16 km (10 mi.) @ 5:30/km (8:51/mi.) pace
Wednesday: 16 km @ 6:15/km (10:04/mi.) pace
Thursday: 90 minutes hilly route
Friday: Crosstraining
Saturday: 4-5 hour run (partially on hilly route)
Sunday: 2-3 hour run

Last week this worked out to a total of about 100 kilometers (62 miles), which is my weekly mileage goal over the next 4-5 weeks.

Two weeks before the 100 Mile event I will be running a hilly marathon in Pirmasens, Germany with my 100 Mile running partner Birgit. This will be our final dress rehearsal, long enough to stretch out the legs, short enough to recover for the main event.

This coming Saturday we want to run 4-5 hours over part of the 100 Mile route, this will at least give us a little taste of what is coming.


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