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I added a third run to my training this week, up one from the two that I have been running since October. I have also been trying to pick up the pace a bit, hoping to break away from the roughly 11:00 min./mile rut that I have been stuck in since training and running the 100 mile event in September.

On Thursday when I was running with my 100-mile companion Birgit, we were talking about the following Thursday (this week) when our friend Uli wants to join us. Uli has been taking it easy lately trying to get over a knee injury, but has started up her training again. Birgit and I joking said we should write Uli and tell her we are going to run intervals, which we did - but the joke was on us, she replied that it is a good idea, she wants to run a fast half-marathon in the spring! Not wanting to back down, Birgit and I decided to test our speed on Saturday during our running club run. We managed to run 2-3 one km intervals around 5:40/km (9:07/mi.), but it was REALLY hard.

On Sunday afternoon I went for a 9 km (5.6 mi.) run, whereas I averaged 5:33/km (8:56/mi.). The last kilometer was my fastest at 5:08/km (8:16/mi.), probably my fastest kilometer all year. Of course these are pitiful times compared to the 4:30/km (7:15/mi.) pace that I was using for speed training last year. But it is a start, maybe by Spring I will be ready for a 10K race.

Yesterday a friend Walter from the running club came by and we picked RB up and drove to Karlsruhe to meet other friends from the running club at the local bowling center. One of our club members bowls on a league so invited us out sometime. It was the first time for RB, but she caught on fast. We all had a great time bowling, chatting, laughing and eating afterwards. I hope we do it again sometime soon!

Oh, the lazy days of Autumn

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I have been taking advantage of the extra time I have had at the end-of-race-season to catch up on odd jobs that I have been putting off at home. The last two weeks I have been working in the master bedroom. I emptied everything out, repainted the walls and spread a new carpet on the floor. I only need to mount the trim and paint the door and doorframe, than I'm done. My wife picked the color scheme, transforming the room from classic white to a more modern style: White ceiling, light yellow walls and an red-orange carpet - I was skeptical at first, as only a man can be, but now admit it looks sharp!

I have been running 2-3 times a week, usually around 8-10 miles at whatever pace feels comfortable, i.e. usually a slow 10:00 min./mile pace. RB has been caring for her aging mother so has not been able to run with our running club, I have been trying to make some time for her at least once a week outside our normal running club times. I also try to make it to at least one running club run a week, usually Saturdays. This week I will be moving furniture on Saturday, so will probably meet my 100-Mile running partner Birgit for a run on Thursday night.

I have also started doing some light weight lifting and gymnastics at home, mostly Crossfit drills, in an effort to get my back into shape. I am still plagued with a pinched nerve, although it is somewhat better. I want to go swimming sometime soon to see if it still bothers my back, I would still like to do another Triathlon next year.

I may run a 10K race for fun at the end of the year, but otherwise don't have any other race plans for the year. Next year will be a rest year, I plan on only running a couple marathons for fun and maybe a 50K. I think it is time to give my body a rest. More importantly it is time to give my wife her husband back, I have been married to my sport the last few years.

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