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Have a happy holiday season!

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I haven't posted for several weeks, I blame it on being extremely busy both at work and at home, and, as it is outside of my race season, generally having little to say.

I have been running 2-3 times a week since I wrote last, my efforts being challenged by an increasing amount of snow. My longest run lately was 10 miles, usually considered a warm-up during race season. I have been attempting to increase my gymnastic and weight training, but life is busy as I said and most evening have been more often spent in the living room rather than the fitness room. Alas, my waist line is showing the first signs of neglect.

Birgit and a couple others are already talking about an early marathon in March, I have been keeping my mouth shut, I promised my wife that I would reduce my races to just 2-3 marathons next year. I do know in the back of my mind that I could run one in March if I started adding a long run soon, but no need to stress my wife out. If the winter stays (turns) mild I may think about it, but a nice summer marathon sounds like more fun to me.

My wife's aunt passed away two months ago and we have been spending weekends cleaning out her condo, getting ready to sell it. Actually the real estate agent has already been busy and we may have a buyer. This would be good, as the snow we have been having has added some travel time to the normally 3 hour drive to Fuerth (Nuremberg) where the condo is.

For those of you who are still around let me wish you the most blessed and joyful holidays, next year is just around the corner, we'll catch each other on the other side!

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