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Starting up Slowly

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Birgit, my 100 Mile race companion from last year, has already started training for her first marathon of the year, the Bienwald (Bee Forest) Marathon in Kandel, Germany at the beginning of March. I have been running some of the shorter runs with her, but have not committed to any long runs yet. I did sign up for a marathon in June, but am in no hurry to start training, I have time still.

My plan for the year is to reduce my racing from 8-10 Marathon/Ultras a year to maybe 2 marathons and a 50K race. I also plan on running these with less training mileage and without any specific time goals. By taking it easy this year I hope that my body will recover enough so I can increase my performance in 2012 and perhaps a couple more years after this. In any case I noticed last year that the relatively high mileage that I have been running over the last several years is starting to wear me down, so I need to slow down, rest and refocus, so I can come back stronger.

I ran a couple 10 mile runs last week, plus a couple 5 mile runs with some 500 meter intervals mixed in. Since training for the 100 mile race last year my speed has been really reduced, it will take a lot of work to build it up again, but I have the whole year to work on it, I don't plan on running any longer, faster races until 2012.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are off to a great new running, cycling, swimming or whatever year. After getting over the initial shock from looking at the bathroom scales on January 1st, I started the first week of 2011 by cutting calories, the food over the holidays was apparently way too good. I already have the first pound gone and know that as I increase my training the pounds that accumulated will (eventually) disappear, but it is still no fun at all.

We have had a lot of snow the last few weeks, the streets and trails are icy and filled with snow. I have been doing mostly shorter runs, usually between 7-10 miles, about three times a week. I really have no need for longer runs at this point, I plan on taking a rest year this year, which from my perspective means I will only run a couple marathons and maybe a 50K. I may try for a faster 10K in the spring, after training for ultras for a couple years I need to work on my speed.

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