Thawing out the running shoes for a new year...

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Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are off to a great new running, cycling, swimming or whatever year. After getting over the initial shock from looking at the bathroom scales on January 1st, I started the first week of 2011 by cutting calories, the food over the holidays was apparently way too good. I already have the first pound gone and know that as I increase my training the pounds that accumulated will (eventually) disappear, but it is still no fun at all.

We have had a lot of snow the last few weeks, the streets and trails are icy and filled with snow. I have been doing mostly shorter runs, usually between 7-10 miles, about three times a week. I really have no need for longer runs at this point, I plan on taking a rest year this year, which from my perspective means I will only run a couple marathons and maybe a 50K. I may try for a faster 10K in the spring, after training for ultras for a couple years I need to work on my speed.

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Happy new year Jack - hope it's a great one!

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