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Still Training Away

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I have been extremely busy at work lately, so something had to give, thus the lack of blog posts. I have managed to squeeze in 3-4 days training a week, with about 2/3 of the mileage on the weekend. This past Saturday I intended on running a 22 km run with two friends who are peaking with their marathon training, I felt good and decided to run the 20 miles with them, I made it through, was sore for a day, but am encouraged by the run.

I am signed up for a few races now, a 6-hour race in March, a 54 km run in May and a marathon in Fürth, Germany on June 5th. The 6-hour race is more of an opportunity run, we will in Fürth in Bayern on that weekend and there just happened to be a run a few streets away. The 54 km run in May will be a bigger challenge, the run has 1250 meters of elevation gain and a time limit of 6 hours and 45 minutes. In June its back to Bayern for hopefully a halfway decent marathon time. This coming weekend I will start my weekly long runs over the hills of nearby Weingarten, I will need to frequent these trails if I want to have any hope of completing the challenging run in May. I post more on that in the coming weeks.

My First Tempo Training in over a Year

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Today I had a hard day at work, by the time I got home I was ripe for some fresh air, especially considering outside was 11°C and the sun was shining. My legs were feeling fully recovered from the two longer runs on the weekend, and the pinched nerve in my back was not acting up, so I decided to try to at least run a few kilometers at a faster pace.

I strapped on my MP3 player, found a tune to warm up with, than headed out on a 13 km loop. I ran the first kilometer at roughly 5:40/km (9:10/mi.), than stretched out the legs a bit. Over the next couple kilometers I gradually increased the pace until I hit 5:10/km (8:19/mi.). As this was my first speed training is probably at least a year, I decided not to push any more, rather level the pace out and try to keep the legs pumping until I got home. The last few kilometers were hard, I could feel my speed declining, but stopped looking at my watch and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I finally arrived in front of the house, pooped, but satisfied. I ended up with 13 km (8.1 mi.) at an average pace of 5:21/km (8:37/mi.), my fastest paced run since May 2010 when I ran the 8.8889 km Baden Mile race in Karlsruhe!

On Thursday after work I want to run a loop with RB, hopefully my legs will be recovered from my run tonight. On Saturday I want to run a hilly 2 ½ hour run, and on Sunday afternoon at least 1 ½ hours. If I get through these runs without any issues than I should be able to start increasing the training level a bit.

Starting from Scratch

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On Saturday I joined Gerd shortly before 3 p.m. for part of his 30 km long run. I arrived at our running club parking lot about 10 minutes early, Gerd was running the first 10 km loop with Birgit, my 100-mile running partner from last year. The weather was really beautiful outside, sunny and 14°C, only a cool wind kept it from being a perfect day.

After a few minutes Gerd and Birgit came into side, so I strapped on my Camelbak and got ready for a 21 km run. Gerd tanked quick from supplies in his car, than we headed out for a second loop. Birgit decided to run the first mile with us, so the three of us settled into a comfortable pace. Around the first mile Birgit headed home, she wanted to run a 20 km race on Sunday and Gerd and I continued on around loop 2. Gerd was in good form and I was fresh, so we kept up a good pace, arriving early back at the start. The running club was still assembling, so we decided to add another mile before running on with the club.

At the beginning of the third loop Uli joined Gerd and I decided to run on ahead with RB and a few others, they wanted to run a a slightly faster pace, just under 6:10 min./km. The first 5-6 kilometers went well for me, the warm weather was motivating, the company good. By kilometer 7-8 (17-18 km total) I was feeling the effects of a faster than normal pace, I was out front and my pace declined, the others adjusted to my pace and we kept going.

I continued to fight the urge to run slower, but only managed to slow the slowing down, the last kilometer was our slowest, but my run was still the fastest long run so far this year, 21 km in 2:11:05. As I chatted with RB and some other friends after the run, I noticed how tired I felt, quite a change from the last several years where I was already run 80-100 kilometers a week by this of year. After my 100 mile race last September I took a much longer break than normal, this year I am having to start at a much lower level of fitness, I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Missing in Action

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My department at work just received a new Content Management System to prepare our technical documentation and I have been super busy with the accompanying training and implementation. The long hours left much left time as normal, so I had to drop my blog posting just as I was getting started, but hopefully now I can continue with some consistency.

My current race plans for this year are three marathons, a vast reduction compared to the last several years where I ran 8-10 marathons or ultras a year! In anticipation of a busy work year, plus lingering problems with my back (pinched nerve) led to this decision. I think reducing my mileage for a year will also give my body a chance to recover fully and rebuild into a hopefully improved running machine, well we'll see. In any case my first marathon will probably be in May, I'm still looking around for a candidate.

On Wednesday I ran the kilometer to RB's house and we headed out for a 12km (7.5 mi) run. We left early enough to where it was still light enough outside to keep from stumbling around in the dark, the last 5k or so was over a smoothing logging path, so we were able to continue without a flashlight.

This weekend I want to run 20 km on Saturday with Gerd, who is training for a marathon in March, then probably a 12 km loop mit RB on Sunday afternoon. After a couple weeks of freezing or near freezing temperatures, the weekend is supposed to be warm and mild, around 14°C! When the sun peeks it's head out on Sunday, maybe I'll tack on a couple more miles, a little solar energy is the perfect motivation.

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