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My department at work just received a new Content Management System to prepare our technical documentation and I have been super busy with the accompanying training and implementation. The long hours left much left time as normal, so I had to drop my blog posting just as I was getting started, but hopefully now I can continue with some consistency.

My current race plans for this year are three marathons, a vast reduction compared to the last several years where I ran 8-10 marathons or ultras a year! In anticipation of a busy work year, plus lingering problems with my back (pinched nerve) led to this decision. I think reducing my mileage for a year will also give my body a chance to recover fully and rebuild into a hopefully improved running machine, well we'll see. In any case my first marathon will probably be in May, I'm still looking around for a candidate.

On Wednesday I ran the kilometer to RB's house and we headed out for a 12km (7.5 mi) run. We left early enough to where it was still light enough outside to keep from stumbling around in the dark, the last 5k or so was over a smoothing logging path, so we were able to continue without a flashlight.

This weekend I want to run 20 km on Saturday with Gerd, who is training for a marathon in March, then probably a 12 km loop mit RB on Sunday afternoon. After a couple weeks of freezing or near freezing temperatures, the weekend is supposed to be warm and mild, around 14°C! When the sun peeks it's head out on Sunday, maybe I'll tack on a couple more miles, a little solar energy is the perfect motivation.

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