My First Tempo Training in over a Year

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Today I had a hard day at work, by the time I got home I was ripe for some fresh air, especially considering outside was 11°C and the sun was shining. My legs were feeling fully recovered from the two longer runs on the weekend, and the pinched nerve in my back was not acting up, so I decided to try to at least run a few kilometers at a faster pace.

I strapped on my MP3 player, found a tune to warm up with, than headed out on a 13 km loop. I ran the first kilometer at roughly 5:40/km (9:10/mi.), than stretched out the legs a bit. Over the next couple kilometers I gradually increased the pace until I hit 5:10/km (8:19/mi.). As this was my first speed training is probably at least a year, I decided not to push any more, rather level the pace out and try to keep the legs pumping until I got home. The last few kilometers were hard, I could feel my speed declining, but stopped looking at my watch and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I finally arrived in front of the house, pooped, but satisfied. I ended up with 13 km (8.1 mi.) at an average pace of 5:21/km (8:37/mi.), my fastest paced run since May 2010 when I ran the 8.8889 km Baden Mile race in Karlsruhe!

On Thursday after work I want to run a loop with RB, hopefully my legs will be recovered from my run tonight. On Saturday I want to run a hilly 2 ½ hour run, and on Sunday afternoon at least 1 ½ hours. If I get through these runs without any issues than I should be able to start increasing the training level a bit.

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