My first race this weekend...


My first race event is coming up this weekend, I am woefully prepared, and I find myself wondering what I was thinking of when I signed up. In any case the 6-hour Worlds Down Syndrome Benefit race is for a good cause, so I will see it through. The race will be held in Fuerth, Germany on Sunday, March 20, not far from where my wife's aunt used to live. My wife will have a chance to visit friends in the city while I making my rounds.

The organizers posted a Google image of the course, a 1.3152 km loop. To complete a marathon I have to run 32 loops plus 106.36 meters. Events include the 6-hour main event, a marathon, a half-marathon and a 1-hour volks-run.


My biggest fear is going stir-crazy running so many loops on an asphalt and concrete sidewalk, where the only scenery is 500 other crazy runners with the same problem. In any case it is something totally new in my running world, variety is the spice of life.

I will let you know how it goes.


Good luck, Jack.

Last year I ran a marathon that consisted of 6 loops and found it surprisingly good. With the end of each loop never far away, you always have a target close by.

Mind, those were 4-mile loops. Thing might be completely different on smaller loops.

Enjoy it anyway!

So do you have to keep track of your own loops or does someone do that for you. Sometimes I can't remember whether I'm on loop 4 or 5. Can't imagine 32.

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