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My next race for the year is coming up on May 8, the Stromberg Extreme Run, a 54 km ultra with at least 1200 meters of elevation gain. Normally this run would be just right for me, I love hills - but the 6 hour 45 minutes time limit has me worried.

For starters, I still have back issues that I have posted about over the last year, the physical therapy has not done much to help. Due to this and an extremely busy workload at work, I have been only running about 60% of the mileage compared to the last couple years in this timeframe. I have also not been pushing as hard during the training as I usually do, partly because I started training two months later than usual and I haven't reached my normal level yet, and partly because I am trying to be careful so my back doesn't get worse.

The 6-hour race that I completed was encouraging, my core fitness is still pretty good, I think the main problem I am facing is time, there are only 3-4 weekends left for long run training. My friend Birgit, who ran the 100-miler last year with me, is also running the race in May with her husband. From my point of view, they are in much better shape for the race, I have my doubts that I will be able to keep up with them - but with ultras you never can tell.

In any case I am going to try to run as many hills as my body will put up with over the next couple weeks, at quick look at the elevation profile will let you know why:


Race Website (in German): http://kirbachtallauf.de/

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