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A DNF and Running for Charity

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So I find myself trying to catch up again, life is busy, something has to give.

The Stromberg Extreme Run has come and gone, it started rather well, but my stomach went into a turmoil and I couldn't hold anything in, the sport drink being offered soured my stomach and I noticed it first when it was too late. With an unseasonably warm temperature (28°C/83°F) and an absence of shade from the blazing sun, I decided to drop at kilometer 38. If I was better trained this year I would normally tried to slug my way through the remaining 16 kilometers, but I had 2 major climbs in front of me and was dry-heaving every time I attempted to run. My friends Birgit and Andreas finished the race, barely finishing under the cut-off. They were quite a ways ahead of me by the time I dropped, so I had no chance of finishing under the cut-off.

In any case I was able to resume training, on June 5th I will be running the Metropol Marathon in Fürth, in Bavaria (Bayern). As I have reduced my training by almost 40% this year, I don't have high expectations for the race, I just want to run a solid race without falling on my face.

On Saturday afternoon RB and I ran a charity event with other members of our running club. Our group finished in 12th place, completing ninety-one 3.5 km rounds. The run took place in Bruchsal, with the course winding through the inner city, including part of the palace grounds. Due to the mass of participants it was slow going most of the time, the narrow streets forcing us to walk at times. But it was fun chatting with RB and other runners, and running for a good cause is a bonus.

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