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Test: This is a new Entry

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I am currently having trouble posting, this is a test entry.

Missing in Action

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Sorry I haven't posted lately, I have a ton of excuses, but I'll spare you.

I've been running regularly over the last couple months, but only about half of the weekly mileage compared to the last 3-4 years. Most of my cross-training has also fallen to the wayside, another victim of a very busy year at work and at home. Luckily, I have kept my weight in check, but it hasn't been easy.

Despite my lack of training, I still managed to complete a couple races: A marathon on June 5th, which I finished in 4:22:17 and the annual 50-Mile race in our area in 9:59:58. The latter event really surprised me, I decided to run it at the last minute and finished much faster than I imagined I would. I will try to get write a couple brief race reports and get them posted.

In two weeks I plan on running another marathon, a hilly forest marathon in the Black Forest. Since I haven't really trained for it I will run it "just for fun". Nothing like a relaxed marathon to easy the stresses of life.

While I'm writing a big congratulations to the race director of my 100 mile run last year, Wolfgang Hoefle, who just completed the Hardrock 100 in colorado! He just made it under the 48 hour cutoff, in 47:30!

Going into Hibernation Mode

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Life seems to be going in slow motion at the moment, the aunt my wife has been taking care is losing quickly against the cancer she has been fighting, it's only a question of when now. In a couple days I will be flying to my dad in Upstate New York, but the visit will be clouded by my concern at home. I offered to wait until next year to travel, but my father is advanced in the years and my wife said I should go now. I cut my visit down from two weeks to one, I hope the aunt holds on so long.

On the positive side the concerns in life have not left time for the normal post-race depression that I usually suffer at the end of race season.

Next year I plan on reducing my training and racing to give my body a chance to recover. I have been pushing it hard for five years and I think my back pain this year was a sign to slow down. I also need to make it a wife year, spending a little extra time doing what she wants to do, working on the repairs and renovations that I have neglected at home, and so on.

So for now I am switching to hibernation mode, reducing my running to 2-3 short runs a week, and starting up my winter crossfit, swimming and other cross-training. My emphasis will be on strengthening the back and reducing fat, I'm curious how that is going to work out. But first a week of rest and relaxation in NY, a quick pause before the storm of life blows with all its furry.

On the Mend

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The muddy shoes are clean and dry, the pile of running clothes washed, and the race report posted. My blisters have dried and don't hurt any more when I walk, my ravenous hunger for food is slowly under control and I ran my first recovery run (10K) last night with Brigit and a few other friends at our running club last night.

Our friends at the running club last night were awed by our "accomplishment". Though I am overjoyed at finishing the 100 miles, I don't really feel like I accomplished anything out of the ordinary, I think with the right training a lot of my running club could do it too.

From my perspective, what I accomplished was the dream of completing the 100 mile distance, nothing more. I've read 100 mile race reports where runners have said the race changed their lives forever, some had spiritual awakenings or at least walked away with new perspectives on life. I walked away with sore feet, a big smile, and the satisfaction of completing the race with a friend.

From reading other blogs I know a lot of people are searching for something in life when they enter a 100 mile race, maybe that's why they "find" themselves. I don't knock them, but I guess I wasn't searching for anything when I ran, I just ran (and walked).

Well, I guess I did find some things at the first annual KuSuH, namely new friends, friendly helpers and much kindness at the aid stations, not to mention a well organized race, a tough but beautiful course and a caring and dedicated race director and crew.

I also didn't experience some things that I had expected. I expected being stretched to my very limits, physically, emotionally, maybe even spiritually and having to crawl over the finish line with my last strength before collapsing in a heap. I had a few issues to be sure, like blisters and fighting to stay awake, but my legs remained in good shape, my energy level was never critical, and my attitude remained positive. Hmmm, maybe I didn't run fast enough, something to think about anyway.

I think the training that Birgit and I did was just about right for the race, at least for the pace that we ran it. Our finishing time of 27 hours 14 minutes was about 45 minutes slower than what we estimated we would need, but I blame this on the lousy weather. I believe if it hadn't rained we would have finished in 24-25 hours, maybe even faster. Only one way to find out I guess.

I now have a 50K and marathon behind me for this year and I am getting a feel for how my race year will probably progress. My progression is kind of a good news - bad news scenario. The good news is that I have completed the first two events at reasonable finish times with 30% less training mileage than last year. The bad news is that I was at the doctor's last night concerning my morning back aches and he could do nothing more then confirm that I pinched a nerve and recommend a neurologist, my appointment is on May 14th.

In the meantime I will continue to train with Andreas and Birgit for our 100K race in June. We are planning on running a 50K trail race on May 1st and another on May 13th, as I mentioned a couple posts back. Both are low key events with limited participation and both offer lots of hills for our running pleasure.

Life continues to be busy in other areas of our life, it's garden season for example, somehow my back didn't disagree to digging up the garden - much to my doctor's amazement. The weather has warmed up significantly, I spent some time last night getting my bicycle ready for cycling season - I would like to take a spin tonight, but rain is forecast. I will probably do a recovery run instead, or maybe swimming (or both).

Are Ultrarunners lousy bloggers?

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I am still having trouble dropping back into my blogging routine...Mark at Mark Tanaka's Trail and Ultra Running Blog logged an entry the other day that pretty much sums up my feelings about blogging lately:

"Obvious to me for quite some time, but increasingly so as the problem continues to worsen-- blogging about ultrarunning is inherently difficult.

If I have time to blog, then I have time to run. Because of my schedule and a general lack of time to run as much as I'd like, if I have time to run, I need to take advantage of it. For those who don't run ultras, training runs usually take hours, and many ultrarunners get addicted to racing..."

From my perspective I've never met an ultrarunner that is NOT addicted to racing, but I guess there must be a few out there ;-)

In any case I will try to get back to somewhat of a blogging routine, after all the main purpose that I started blogging was to document my training for my own reference...

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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I'm still runinng, swimming and dreaming about next year's races, but the holiday season has left me preoccupied. I will start writing again after Christmas. Until then have a safe and happy holiday season, call that loved one that you have neglected for so long, try to bless that neighbor who is going through a rough time, and take a second to smile and thank that cashier the next time you are standing in a long line!

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