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Hypothermic Half Marathon

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6am alarm. Glass of water and instant oatmeal. Sitting in front of the PC, in a dark quiet house. It could have been any Sunday morning.

A bit before 7:30, get changed. Gatorate bottle, belt. Oh, grab a Power Gel. Knock on the door. Goodbye to the family.

In the car. Drive a block. U-turn. Back to the house. Grab my race kit. This feels like any other Sunday, but it isn't. Time to wake up, Warren!

Anatomy of a Season


All in all, I think I'd call 2004 a success. Sure, there was the IT Band thing in March, and September taught me in no uncertain terms that (re)learning to swim and running were NOT going to coexist. Nonetheless, both of my goal races, my first marathon on May 30th and my 10k PB on Sept. 6 were successes.

Every season needs a downtime, though, and Septmeber and October were it. I swam consistently, slowly learning to extert myself while NOT breathing whenever I wanted. Eventually, I started to learn to balance swimming and running, but by then it was November.

The summer of 2004 retaught me a love of racing. I'm not fast, and will never be, but the opportunity to measure myself is something that I relish. Having had my fill of 10ks for the time being, I wanted something longer, and I wanted it soon.


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