Finally Running

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Hills just didn't happen yesterday. I worked late, through a near-constant rain, then went home. I did leave my running gear in the car, though, as today was forecasted to be much nicer.

I was up to 7 hill repeats today. The weather was decent, but unspectacular. I was drizzled on for about 2 minutes at one point, and the wind was from the west, meaning I was running into it up the hill.

The first two repeats were very comfortable. I was pleased with how easy they felt, and how quickly I recovered from them. The next two were still easy, but took longer to recover from. On 5 and 6, I had to drop from 2-and-2 breathing (2 steps in, 2 steps out) to 2-and-1. On the last, I either couldn't find 2-and-1 or it wasn't helping enough, so I ended up 1-and-1-ing (aka panting/dying).

Overall, the run felt very good. I felt light on my feet, and strong.

1 Comment

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