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The swim Tuesday morning was unremarkable. Of course, it's nice to be able to say that 2+km in 75 minutes is unremarkable, because eight months ago I would never have believed it was even possible!

Yesterday my wife had rather a rather stressful dentist appointment, which left me short on time. I'm going to try to do my hills run this afternoon, if the rain ever lets up, and skip the half-marathon clinic tonight. That way, I'll leave Friday or Saturday open for a possible bike ride, while still leaving time for intervals.

This morning's swim included 4 full effort 50m swims, with a dive start, and lots of active recovery between them. We had 4 lanes going, and did a race type start. While it wasn't a race, the format gave me a chance to peek beside me to benchmark myself against some of the stronger swimmers (in the novice side of the pool, anyways).

What did I learn? For one, being comfortable with bilateral breathing (every 3 or 5 strokes, depending on how dire my need was for oxygen was) made "peeking" at the folks beside me pretty easy. I couldn't really see 2 lanes over, though.

Also, my dive starts are bad. I mean, I knew they were bad, but oh dear. I don't think I ever hit the turnaround (at 25m) "in the lead". (I think that wording shows my competetive nature. It really, really wasn't a race.)

Conversely, I don't think I was ever behind after the turnaround. This leads me to believe that my open turns are stronger than I thought they were. Maybe I have strong legs for the push off the wall? (Maybe, just maybe, that makes sense!)

The most disappointing thing was that I didn't recover well. It took a long time for my heart rate to return to normal. I think I need to get cracking on those intervals and repeats.

Just before I left, we did some 100m IMs, with a generous time allowance. I was pleased that my first two both came in around 1:55, and that's without really going all out. I think the big key was that my butterfly, while not perfect, was fairly relaxed. After the oxygen deprivation of the 50m sprints, 25m of butterfly was a walk in the park, I guess.

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