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It's taken some thought and reflection, but I can finally say it. I'm proud of my race on Sunday.

The race did not go terribly well. The weather was warmer than what I trained in (despite it being officially only 19), and the humidity was the highest it's been all year. My body did not respond well, tiring early, then cramping badly in the last 5km.

Official time: 1:52:40.4.

Taper Week 2


Well, except for a "loosen up" run Saturday, I'm done. My half-marathon training is complete. I'm ready.

Accoring to my training log, I've put in 555.8 km running so far this year, with an average pace of 5:21/km. Along with that, I've swam over 57km.



I volunteered this morning at the Ottawa Early Bird Duathlon/Triathlon. It was my opportunity to get familiar with the sights, sounds and stresses of a triathlon, while at the same time repaying all of the volunteers who've donated time at races I've run.

The race featured sprint duathlon, triathlon, and triathlon relays, along with try-a-tri. There were reported to be around 650 competitors all told, with a healthy mix of veterans and first-timers.

Taper Week 1

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It's been tough backing off this week. By bike is talking to me, as is the nice weather.

It's been a strange lead-up to this race. For Around the Bay, I thought about the race constantly. This half-marathon is my goal race for the first half of this year, having greater importance placed on it than Around the Bay. Still, at the start of the week, I was strangely blah about the whole thing.

Dry Run


Two weeks before a race is such a key run. Today, we were doing a dry run of raceday. We did the full half-marathon loop, plus a short bit from the store to the canal and back. Call it an even 22km.

Chasing Landy


I hit the track tonight, but with no firm plans. I decided that it was time to start my pursuit of one of my heroes, John Landy. That is to say, run the mile.

I have a goal to race a mile this year. I have no idea when I'll fit it in, and I'll probably hate it, but I have a minor infatuation with the distance, and would love to try it.

I decided to do 2 1-mile intervals, with a lap walk in between. I figured my 800m PB was around 2:50, but that I haven't really been able to crack 3:00 yet this year. So I figured I might end up around 6:30 for the mile. (Bear in mind, I have no track experience outside of grade school.)

My first 400 came in at 1:35. I don't recall my half mile split, but at 3/4 I was at 4:50, and figured I had to step up to make 6:30. I did, coming in in 6:21.57.

I reversed directions on the track, and walked it off. It took me a long time to come back down. Then, I was off. Quarter mile in 1:37. Half mile in a shade under 3:14. Three-quarters in 4:50, maybe a shade under. Knowing this was my last lap, I tried hard to boot it, and posted my fastest lap of the day, coming in at 6:19.11.

(Edit: Turns out my de facto PB from last year was 6:45. Yay me!)

On my second mile, I had visions of Landy, Bannister and El-Guerrouj lapping me. Oh well. =) Gives me something to chase.

Chasing Speed

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Yay! I ran last night!

We did an 8km tempo run. I have no idea how close to exactly 8km the route was, either it was a little short, or I was a little fast.

Thursday Blahs

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Decent swim this morning. The top of my left foot cramped up again, probably from all the kick sets we did. Which was too bad, as the main set was sprint 25/easy 25 repeats. Looked challenging/fun.

It occurred to me today that I've run once in the last 10 days. What's up with that? Oh well, I plan on running three times in the next four days, so that should make up for it.

Getting My Hands Dirty


On the way home from work, I stopped in at a local bike shop. Thanks to some advice from Jank, I was in the market for some slick tires, to replace my knobby tires.

Old tires:

Yes, they're different treads. One was a temporary fix a while back.

New tires:

The Ride Home


Rabbits: 1
Groundhogs: A dozen or so
Deer: 6
Saddle-sore butt: 1
Sore knees: 1
Early bedtime: Yes

Brick (sort of)


Two signs you're in for a tough swim. One, the warmup is "choice". Two, you finish the first set, and the board says "Sissies go home now".


Taming the Beast


I took the beast off the rack tonight.


I put air in the tires, and gave it a wipedown. Assuming the air stays in the tires, I'll probably ride it sometime this week, likely to work and back.

A Week to Forget


I think that I can say with reasonable confidence that I got sick twice in a row this week. First, the stomach flu that's been going around hit me, knocking me out Wednesday. By Friday morning, I was feeling mostly better, but my ear was bothering me. But only little kids get ear infections, right?

The good news is that daddies can take antibiotics too. =(



I've been swimming for a while now. I go every week, and am comfortable with the routine. What I forget when I'm not actually there is that swimming isn't especially comfortable. Swimming isn't the smooth flow of effort that running is. It's a lot of hard effort, muscle exertion, and mounting oxygen debt. Plus, I usually end up a lot more sore after a swim than after a run. (Like, say, right now!)



It's been a strange week. Distracting, I guess. Some good, some bad, but my focus wasn't really on running.

Sunday, though, was uncharacteristicaly free. No race, no kids birthday parties, no emergencies. I was up at 6, had a relaxed morning, and knew that I could run as far and as long as I wanted to this morning (as long as I brought bagles home!)


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