It's been a strange week. Distracting, I guess. Some good, some bad, but my focus wasn't really on running.

Sunday, though, was uncharacteristicaly free. No race, no kids birthday parties, no emergencies. I was up at 6, had a relaxed morning, and knew that I could run as far and as long as I wanted to this morning (as long as I brought bagles home!)

This sounds weird, but the drive in to the Running Room was amazing. There's something very cool about driving by Dow's Lake for the first time in spring after they've filled it. It looks full. Almost catastrophic, like the flood is coming. It's also beautiful, very different from the eyesore that it is in spring and fall.

Plus, across the driveway from the lake, the tulips were starting to bloom. Ottawa is home to a hugely popular tulip festival in May, and the city becomes even more colourful.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked.

The plan was to shadow the half marathon route, running all but the downtown bits. We started off at a pretty easy pace. With four weeks to go until the big race weekend, the canal full, and two solid weeks of rain having finally turned the world green, there were a lot of runners out.

Along Colonel By, we had a strange incident. A lone runner with headphones ran past us. The lead runner is pretty sure he got F-bombed, out of the blue. I'm pretty sure I heard a word, possibly directed at me, that put my sexual preference into question. The lead runner was running with a dog, but honestly there was tons of room on the pathway. There was just no visible reason for what happened. Now, maybe he was just singing along to some questionable song, I don't know. If he was, maybe this is a cautionary tale to watch what you sing.

There was a big dog walking thing going on in Vincent Massey park and the Arboretum, so those areas were packed with still more walkers and runners. Again, it was fantastic to see so many people out and about.

I took off from the group, but not the dog and his owner, over Heron Bridge. I'd felt all along like we were going a bit slowly, and was happy to open up a bit. The run got hard, but with 4 weeks to go until the race there's nothing wrong with that. Certainly, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle, especially after last week's confidence booster.

I finished something like 17.5 km in 1:34. Not amazing, but not bad for a long run.

After stretching and cooling off, I decided to add on an easy 5km. My legs were pretty fatigued on that loop, but it felt good to be surpassing 21.1km on the day. Hopefully I'll do something like that the next two weeks too, which may help prevent me from bonking late in the half.


Sounds like a good run. I love seeing other groups on the trails for a number of reasons. Safety is one, that way I don't quite feel so alone, but I will have to remember not to sing along out loud to my tunes. :-)

Besides the lil incident ... sounds like a lovely run!

You added on an extra 5k ... that just plain amazes me!

I LOVE the green world. I hope your incident was what you hoped, not the other. Geesh. And I don't see any bonking in your future:)

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