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It's been a long road.

I grew up on department store 10-speeds. Then, when the mountain bike revolution hit, I found them more comfortable, and joined the masses in riding mountain bikes. I rode a lot as a kid, but as an adult the automobile, in all its ease and glory, supplanted my riding habit. Feeling guilty, I spent a few hundred on a mountain bike, but was never quite happy with it. For one, the front tire had a defect that took a few years to find, giving me a bumpy ride. For another, cycling and commuting in the big city just isn't the same as childhood in a small town. Finally, despite my "exorbitant" expenditure, I was never sure the bike really fit me.

Somewhere along the line, I started running. Now, I was in shape enough to brave the 25km commute to work. I did it once last year, and it nearly killed me. I swear, that's the most exhausted I've ever felt, lying on the front lawn, gasping for breath.

But I dreamt of triathlon. I took up swimming. I glared at my bike sometimes, sitting there forlorn and neglected in the garage.

But with so many failed attempts to establish the biking habit, spending more money on the problem didn't seem prudent. So I dusted it off, cleaned it up, and with some good advice, made the mountain bike street worthy.

I've put in something like 500 miles on the bike this summer, and done three triathlons along the way. All the while, I've dreamt of buying a real bike. I've lurked I've hit every bike shop's website in town. I've talked to salespeople. I've had my head on a swivel every time someone rode by on a road bike. I've followed jank's riding adventures with excitement. I watched the Tour de France in awe. I started dreaming about "dancing on the pedals" and "riding on the rivet". Paul and Phil ran commentary on my dreams.

It feels like an impulse buy, but I guess it's not. I put in my time. I upgraded my engine; I reestablished the good habit. Today, it feels like Christmas.


Beauty-ful! Does it have a name yet?

Nope. No name yet. *ponders*

Very Cool! It needs a really fun name.

Geeze - with that thing, you could hit every kid's chimney in one night.

Here's to another 500 miles...

call it the "salt lick"

dood. you. rock.

i am turning three shades of green over here. i'll tell you what, though, you absolutely deserve that machine. you've worked hard, not just hard but coal under eons of pressure hard, you've put your money where your mouth is and you've inspired so many people through your efforts. and last but certainly not least, you've set a great example for your family.

if for nothing else, that should earn you the ride.

congrats and happy peddling! maybe you'll come out and ride in cali with me on the bumble bee and steve on the peapod!

wooow. that is a stunning machine for sure!

and jeff's totally earned it.

can't wait to hear about how fabulous the first long ride feels!

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