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I've been sick all weekend. I had some great plans this weekend, including the swim club's duathlon and a charity bike ride. Instead, I got to huddle up in blankets and eat popsicles.

I'm bummed, but there's bound to be a silver lining.



I'm still very pumped up about Saturday's race. I'm totally satisfied with the effort I put out. I think that this race is the first real sign that the belief and confidence I had in my abilities before I started running were valid and true. I'll never be an elite runner, but the ability to be a good runner lies within me. After a lot of hard work, that good runner is starting to emerge.

Saturday's race is probably my best ever, period. Emotionally, though, my marathon stands as a much bigger achievement, one I'll savour long after Saturday's run through the farm is forgotten.

Great Barrier Breaker 5km


aka Revisiting An Old Enemy

Back at the National Capital Triathlon, something funny happened. I laughed about it at the time. It was good news, but it was bad news.

I set a PB in the 5k.

It's actually pretty sad. I ran a 22:12 5k that day, in a triathlon. My previous 5k record was 22:13, which was a split in a 10k. My actual, true 5k road race PB was 27:34.

Run for the Cure Plans


For the last two years, my wife and I have made a point to run the "Run for the Cure" run in support of breast cancer research. This year will be no different.

Over two years ago, we met our neighbour's sister, K. K had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was undergoing chemotherapy. K wasn't coping well with chemo, and would often spend time at her sister's, recuperating, and getting to know her only niece.

Build Run


I signed up for the Barrier Breaker 5km on Saturday. Time to put my PB on the line.

I'm plagued by doubts that I won't be able to match my 5km triathlon split from last month. I haven't run a whole lot lately, a necessary limitation imposed by triathlon season, and I don't feel as fast as I did back at the start of August.

Signing up for the race as the perfect impetus to get me out the door last night for a run, though. I opted for the ~5km route, and gave myself a stern warning to not try for any PBs.

Back to Basics

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We're into the fall session at master's swimming. That means less distance, more emphasis on technique and form, and lots of people in the pool.

This morning, we ended up with 7 people in lane 3, and 7 people in lane 4. Fortunately, most people were returning from last year, so by and large people knew how to space themselves out, and what pace times meant. So things went fairly smoothly.



Triathlon season is over, and I need to start adjusting my workouts to focus on running. I managed to put in four runs this week, including intervals and a Sunday morning long run (which is the best type of run there is), so I'm off to a good start.

Of course, focusing on running won't be easy. I have master's swimming twice a week, and a shiny new bike that calls my name all the time.

This Morning's Email

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GOOD NEWS for what you thought was your "bad news"

GOOD NEWS for all of you sprint triathlon participants - what you thought was a 'slow' 500 metre swim time was in fact probably a great 750 metre swim time. Yup - several of you have pointed out that the 500 metre swim was a 'tad' long - 250 metres to be exact! The actual turn for the 500 metre swim should have been the single swim buoy BEFORE the double swim buoy that you actually all swam around. So - congratulations to you all on your 'new' performance of the 750 metre swim course. We were quite pleased with how the 'timing' of the whole thing went so will actually keep this 750 metre course as the official distance of The Canadian Sprint. Our apologies for the mistake, but congratulations on your 'improved' swim times. We have made the change on the results which are posted on our website.

Looks like I averaged something like 2:00/100m in open water. I'll take it!

Labour-Free Run

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Happy Labour Day!

After Saturday's triathlon, it was nice to be able to take yesterday off, and still get a run in today. If only all weekends worked this way. Anyways, having exerted myself for over 100 minutes on Saturday, I decided that this morning's run should be low effort, to allow myself to continue recovering. I decided to try for 10km, at a LSD (long slow distance) pace.

The Canadian Sprint Triathlon


Alarm was set for 5, but I think I woke up just after 4am. Oh yay. One of those days. After a time of trying to get back to sleep, I got up, grabbed Cheerios and milk, and logged onto the computer for a bit. Dark. Quiet. Cheerios. Yum.

Around 5:30 I hit the washroom, got dressed, and gathered my stuff. Loaded the bike carefully onto the bike rack. Grabbed a pair of pullover pants and a sweatshirt, when the weather channel said it was only 14 out. Then, I was off.

Bike Practice


I've been our for a couple of short rides on the new bike now. Up and down the street on Wednesday night. Around the block a few times Thursday morning, after swimming. Today, I went even a little further afield, putting in 9km.

I still have some nerves about the race tomorrow. Part of it is the swim. My swimming has been getting stronger, but 500m all at once is still a lot for me. Plus, if I really concentrate on form, I can go faster, but my arms tend to wear out pretty fast. I need to keep working on my arm and shoulder strength.

Running is problematic. My running has dropped off in the last few weeks. I'm aiming for an October half, but I'm going the wrong way. My cardio is still strong, and I've had good speed the times that I've run, so I guess my biggest concern is going to be developing an overtraining injury.

As for the bike tomorrow, there's a lot to be excited about, but there's also a lot to be nervous about. The new bike is fast. I was putting in some speeds into the breeze this morning, on flat roads, that made me grin. The bike is so smooth, and geared up so much faster than my old one though, that I may have difficulty pacing myself. The 30km distance tomorrow represents one of my longest rides of the summer. Ergo, I will most likely fade towards the end, and have to start conservatively.

Plus, there's the whole clipping thing. If I fall over, I fall over. But I'd hate to scratch my bike, and I'd really hate to knock someone else over.

Oh well. Whatever happens, I'll do my best to take time after the race to cheer on the half and full Iron distance racers. That's bound to be worthwhile.

Last Swim of the Summer


This morning was the last swim of the summer session. The fall session starts next Tuesday - new coach, more coaches, probably more I.M. focus. I almost skipped this morning's session in preparation for Saturday's triathlon, but got talked into showing up and then leaving early.

The good part of this plan is that I didn't exhaust myself this morning. The bad part is that I was a touch under-motivated. I seemed to always be thinking "this will be my last set" or "I'll stop after that". I mean, in the end, I did almost 2km, so I did most of the workout. But at no point was I especially motivated or focused.

C'est la vie.

In more exciting news, I puttered around the neighbourhood on the new bike this morning, after swimming. Actually managed to not fall over. Saturday's ride promises to be quite the adjustment. At this point, I really have no idea how I'll do.


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