Last Swim of the Summer


This morning was the last swim of the summer session. The fall session starts next Tuesday - new coach, more coaches, probably more I.M. focus. I almost skipped this morning's session in preparation for Saturday's triathlon, but got talked into showing up and then leaving early.

The good part of this plan is that I didn't exhaust myself this morning. The bad part is that I was a touch under-motivated. I seemed to always be thinking "this will be my last set" or "I'll stop after that". I mean, in the end, I did almost 2km, so I did most of the workout. But at no point was I especially motivated or focused.

C'est la vie.

In more exciting news, I puttered around the neighbourhood on the new bike this morning, after swimming. Actually managed to not fall over. Saturday's ride promises to be quite the adjustment. At this point, I really have no idea how I'll do.


Best of Luck on Saturday!

How you'll do? It's shiny and yellow. You'll do fast.

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