Climbing Up That Hill


Last night was the first night of summer swimming. I'll be swimming in the evenings in June, then back to mornings in July and August. I have to say that it was weird heading in so late. It's going to take some getting used to.

My coach was Steve, who coached me last summer. It should go ok. If I recall, he focused primarily on freestyle last year, which is exaclty what I need this summer.

This morning, I rode into work. It's been a few weeks since I did this, and I recall having the chain derail last time. It happened on an uphill, and I was very nervous about reclipping going uphill. Reclipping requires momentum or experience, and I have neither when I'm going uphill. In general, I'm slowly getting more comfortable clipping. I still fall, more than is comfortable or safe. Part of what I need to remember is that the pedals work even if I'm not clipped in.

Anyways, the morning was perfect for a ride, with the possible exception of the fact that I was running rather late. Did I mention that swimming at night will take some getting used to? Anyways, the wind was from the west, but I felt strong when I was headed north, and tried to get some experience in the drops when I was heading into the wind. On my big uphill, over the highway, my chain slipped off. Oh dear. I stopped, fixed it, and considered my options. Fortunately, there was a huge break in traffic, so I plopped myself in the middle of the right lane, and gave it a try. I ended up having to pedal three full cycles, but in the end, I clipped back in. What a huge confidence booster!

In the end, I was fairly happy with my commute time this morning. Hopefully, as the summer wears on, I'll get even faster.


I admire your many abilities tremendously but your bike rides are scary! Take good care. Cheers.

Not sure I ever wanna ride "clipped". I think I will stick to old fashioned

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