Despite the fact that I did not go to bed as early as I might have, I set the alarm for 5am this morning.
Despite the fact that I did not get as much sleep as I might have wanted, I got up shortly after the alarm went off.
Despite the fact that I had a lot of things to carry in to work today, I checked the weather, to see if it was bikeable.
Despite the fact that the weather was less than spectacular, I decided to ride in.
Despite the fact that my left knee was a bit achy from yesterday's brick, I rode in. (The knee was fine.)
Despite the fact that I never train on Mondays, I did.

I'm no hero or martyr, but at least I did something this morning I can be proud of.



Nice post. Ever thought of creating your own line of inspirational running posters?

this would be a great poster!

Good work BB! I don't think I would have made it out of bed let along the door!

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