Finding My Legs

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Swimming last night. Warmup was some freestyle. Main set looked awfully intimidating on the chalkboard:

25 fly kick / 50 fly drill / 25 fly fast
50 back kick / 100 back easy / 50 back fast
75 breast kick / 150 breast easy / 75 breast fast
200 free kick / 400 free easy / 200 free fast

For the record, I don't do back fast. I also don't do 200 kick of anything. Except, well, you play the hand you're dealt. So I did.

The fly stuff wasn't too bad. I used 1-arm fly to bridge the gap between the kick and the fast. Used my full 1 minute rest. Back was, well, interesting. I still cheat and use the ceiling (a no-no, in a sport with lots of outdoor competitions). Also, my backstroke only has one speed, and that's slow. So I muddled through that one.

Breast was a welcome reprieve. I zipped up and down the lane happily. Maybe even obliviously. I shouldn't lose track of where I am in a 200, especially one that broken up. But I did. :|

The 200 free kick elicited my first feedback of the evening from the coach. What a shock. I can't do flutter kick! So I followed the instructions, and actually worked on technique, rather than hacking my way up and down the pool.

Next came 400 free. Somewhere around 100 or 150, I lost track of where I was. It always happens at the beginning. When you're close to being done, you KNOW how much you have left. But when the end is a long way off, all you know is that it's a long way off. Or at least, that's how it works for me. Anyways, I guessed where I was and continued, but later on my lanemates accused me of going too far, so I guessed wrong.

Around 100m into the fast free, I got into traffic, so rather than muddle through 100 free I decided to do 2x50 free with breaks to finish off. It kept me out of traffic, and gave me a chance to go a bit faster. Probably not the point of the exercise, but I was being adaptable.

This morning, I settled on 6am as a compromise wakeup time. I was out the door just after 7, aiming for an easy 8km. I opted for 10-and-1s, especially when I was beat after 10 minutes. It was only 17 degrees out, so I had opted for no hat. Big mistake. Sweat was already dripping into my eyes, and I wasn't even pushing that hard. Ugh.

Anyways, the first 20 minutes was at a comfortable pace. Not slow, not speedy. Then I got into a groove. Mentally, I was in another world. I missed my scheduled walk break. After I finally did take it, something possessed me to speed up my arm swing. My cadence picked up, and I started moving along. I did not think that I would be able to make it home at that pace, but I did. Comparing my splits to the same run last week, I was 15 seconds behind last week at the second turnaround, but finished ~35 seconds faster. Obviously, the increased exertion and cadence translated into a real difference in speed. The best part was that I finished strongly, and felt great.

Now if only my bike was ready....

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