Happy Father's Day!

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I actually slept in until after 7am this morning. Had a quick breakfast and checked the weather. 20 degrees already? High of 31? I'd better get out there soon!

My goal was to run around the Jock - out along Bren Maur, and back along the Stonebridge trail. I didn't really have any goal pace-wise. Mostly, I just wanted to survive.

I did the first kilomter in 5:30-5:50 pace, which felt surprisingly good. I let myself fall into a rhythm, but resolved to take a walk break every ten minutes. By the time I'd reached my turnaround, I was sweating, and feeling very hot. I'd brought the MP3 player, and it was helping take my mend off things, but I was looking forward to getting to run in the forest for a bit.

Running under the canopy of trees was wonderful. It was a break from the direct heat of the sun. A bullfrog sang as I went by at one point, but other than an occasional walker or runner, I had the place to myself. All to soon, I reached the highway, and had to turn off for home.

The last stretch, back in the sun, was very hot. I had a feeling that my pace slacked a bit, but all that mattered was making it home. As I ran by the park, I thought that I didn't have a finish in me, but Guerilla Radio started on the MP3 player, and my cadence picked up all by itself.

It seems pretty sad to complain, because it was only 20 degrees, but I'd forgotten just how unbelievably hot and sweaty it can be to run in the summer. I was soaked by the time I got home. Cold water and a cool shower felt like the greatest gifts on earth, too.

Afterwards, the kids took me out to breakfast. So nice to not have to feed myself after a run! Happy Father's Day, everybody!

1 Comment

I look at your blog daily, and sometimes several times a day. I feel I know you better because of it and it helps to take the miles away. Curses to those who would seek to ruin such a good thing.

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