Impromptu Sunday


I didn't lift a, er, leg, all last week. Coudln't for a while, then revelled in not doing it even if I could for a bit longer.

Sunday morning, I slept in too late to meet up with anyone at the Running Room. Oh well. I got up, settled in in front of the computer, and schemed about getting my family out for a bike ride. Once everyone was up, I suggested to my wife that we bring the bikes down to one of the parkways, which are closed to car traffic Sunday mornings. Alas, she wasn't interested.

Determined to get out, I decided to ask my son if he wanted to tag along. He had his nose in a game, and declined. Surprising. I thought about talking him into it, but decided I'd let him decide his own path. So upstairs I went, and got changed into my spiffy new cycling gear.

In walks my wife. "I don't really want to go downtown, but I could do a short bike ride around here."

"Great!" I think, despite a slight lack of enthusiasm. I inform both kids we're going, bring my bike to the garage, and start inflating tires. I'm on my last tire when my wife finally comes out. Off we go!

We follow Forest Gate out to Leikin, and stop at the reservoir. After a short break to look at the water, we head back out. The wind from the east was pretty nasty, so my wife decides we're turning around. We duck into the JDS parking lot to do so, and I take the opportunity, since nobody is around, to stretch my legs. I leave my position as rearguard, and put on a burst of speed, just for fun.

Around the corner, we find huge, huge, empty parking lots. This appeals to my son (game long forgotten) immensely, and he starts riding around at top speed, aiming for the puddles, yelling "I'm soaked, and I don't care!" My wife gets into it, pulling the bike trailing with my youngest through puddles, until he decides that he does care. Me? I alternated sprinting in huge circles and riding alongside the one or the other. Suddenly, our voyage had turned into play, and everyone was happy.

Eventually, my wife and I took a break, sitting on the curb under some trees, while the kids ran around. The eldest, already soaked up and down his back, danced and hopped through as many puddles he could find, while the youngest just ran.

Eventually, we packed up and made our way home. My wife thanked me for "dragging" or "guilting" her into riding. My son's laughter every time we mentioned how wet or muddy he was was its own reward. Being flexible and playing by ear had led us to a better ride than any of us had expected.

We all ended up doing between 8 and 10km, too. Not bad, especially considering that it wasn't very long ago that the kids complained that a 5km ride was way too far.


What a great way to combine the things you love. Bet you looked great in your new gear!

I love your stories about biking/running with the family ... I hope when I have kids that they'll want to do fun stuff with me like yours do.

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