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This weekend has been the coldest, well, since it snowed three weeks ago. Not exactly June weather.

Despite the chill, I haven't been hiding indoors. Yesterday, we brought my wife to show her the Trillium trail. My youngest wasn't all that into walking, and kept asking to be carried. He also wanted to be put down so he could walk/run a lot, so he wasn't that bad, either.

The trilliums were no longer in bloom, but the daisies, buttercups and other flowers were there to replace them. The trees rustled constantly overhead, and the forest smelled...fresh. We ended up walking right past the bridge, and to the end of the trail. On the way back, the youngest faded quickly, and the eldest and I faded over the last kilometer. Still, it was a very good walk, and everyone enjoyed it.

Plus, you have to be impressed with how everyone went 7-8 kilometers, on a less than perfect day, with no complaints.

This morning, the alarm went off at 5am. It was 8 degrees out, with only a 40% chance of drizzle, and moderate 20km/h winds. Not the nicest of days, but not awful. After some cheerios and water, I dressed warmly (long sleeve technical, long pants, bike shorts overtop - dorky but functional, and windbreaker). Just after 6am, I was on the bike and rolling.

I headed down to Jockvale, and crossed over to Long Island. I took it easy in Manotick, just enjoying the quiet. At Bridge Road, I jigged back to Old Manotick Main, and headed south to Kars. This part of the ride was fantastic. There was a stiff breeze at my back, and I was enjoying having the road to myself. The decision to get up early was paying off.

In Kars, I turned west, partially into the wind, towards North Gower. The ride got tougher, as the wind started to take its toll. When I made it to downtown North Gower (you know, the stoplight), I took a breather, and drank half my gatorade.

The ride back up Prince of Wales was tough; rolling hills, a nasty, nasty headwind and probably tiring legs worked against me. I was pretty slow, but I kept moving. My spirits were finally lifted when I hit Bankfield, and the Manotick turnoff. Now, at least, I knew where I was, and home was in sight.

When I got home, I pulled my bike in, grabbed a watch, switched shoes, and headed back out the door. Almost immediately, I settled on a 5km run, as my legs were feeling pretty awful. They got better, but I'd been cycling for over an hour and a half already, so they weren't exactly lively. It felt good to finish up and stretch when I was done.

The best part is that I was showered by 9am, and now have more time than usual to spend with the family today.

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