Swimming on Empty

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What a day. Yesterday, we moved furniture all day. Plus, I did not get to bed early. Thus, it was hardly suprising that it was 7:30 before I could drag myself out of bed this morning.

Between work and chores, there just was not time for dinner before swimming. At 8:30, I sat down with a few chips and some salsa and a big glass of water, and watched the world cup. At 9:00, I was out the door.

The warmup was 600 metres. I remember thinking "Ugh, and I have to do 1000m on Sunday?" The next set was 800m by 200s, which I chose to do all free.

The final set, which the coach called triathlon prep, was 700m, all free. We did 300m with a weak, 2-beat kick, then rested a minute. Next we did 300m more, this time kicking hard for the first 2-3 strokes off the wall, before falling back to a weak 2 beat kick. The last 100m was all out kick. The whole set was built the way you might build a triathlon swim.

So now, it's 11pm, and I'm finally sitting down to dinner. Bon appetit!

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> So now, it's 11pm, and I'm finally
> sitting down to dinner.

I bet that meal was extremely satisfying. You must have been ravenous by that point.

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