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If last week's weather was an invitation to stay indoors and be lazy, Sunday's was an invitation to be outdoors. It was warm, with temperatures noticeably above freezing.

I laboured through another run, but was glad I was out. Glad, at least, until I stepped in a 2 inch deep puddle. The air may have been mild, but the water was cold.

I made a consciencious effort to stretch very well after the run. The IT and quads were particularly tense.

This morning featured a trip to a very full pool. The warmup had a lot of distance, and the main set was all timed. The times were fairly easy, but it was still a bit of a challenge to go on a fixed time, rather than when I was completely ready.

Unfortuantely, after a set of whip kick, I developed a calf cramp, and had to stop. I seem to be cramping more this year than in other years, and I think I'll need to start bringing water to the pool and drinking during the swim.

The back-to-back workouts are just the cure for holiday leisure. I just with my legs were as happy as my heart about it.

1 Comment

The warm pool to swim in sounds much better than the cold puddle. Stay warm and don't worry, those extra people will be out of your way in no time.

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