The Weather Outside is Frightful

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My running plans this week have been scuppered by bad planning and weather, though mostly the latter. An early week snowstorm gave way to a cold snap. Neither was conduscive to outdoor running, and not being compelled to pound in the miles this time of year, I happily abstained.

Swimming, though, involves nothing more than braving a very cold changeroom, wet and nearly naked. You know, now that I put it that way, I wonder why I get up at 5am for the priviledge so often. Nonetheless, swimming is my habit, and I was there again today.

Despite promises of an easy week, we still pulled off an even 3k today. Still, there was never really a moment of undue stress. Rather, it was 75 minutes of constant output.

One thing that I noticed is that I'm falling into the habit of breathing every second pull on freestyle from time to time. Whether it's the added exertion or added oxygen, it sends my heartrate skyrocketing. It's tough to do, but if I can force myself to breathe bilaterally, it all gets easier after a few moments.

The competetive swimming season is almost upon us, and I'm sure that the swims are going to be very tough in the coming weeks. This is probably exactly what I need. At times, I shy away from pushing myself speed-wise. This year, I intend to work on that.

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And yet early next week it's supposed to be practically tropical!!! It has been a winter for the books, hasn't it??

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