The Return of the Yellow Beast


Yes, the yellow beast is back from the basement.

I went out for a brief ride on Tuesday. I just wanted to take it around the neighbourhood, see if everything was working. It probably needs a tune-up, but the tires still hold air, so that's good.

This morning I bit the bullet and rode in to work. Whether or not I ride home will depend on how I'm feeling, but right now, it seems like I might not. That was tough - especially on the body parts that don't take well to the first few rides of the year.

I read over the Rideau Lakes literature this morning. I more or less have 50 days left to do the 1000km cycling they recommend to prepare. That's 20km a day. Well, whatever happens, I've hit my quota for today. :)

I'm very, very happy to be back into this. Spring is finally truly here, and now I can start spending more time outdoors again!


WOOHOO! did you ever come up with a name for it? like 'the hornet' or some other hymenoptera related name?

Sadly, no. Nor did I delve into the Leguminosae family for a name.

My poor, identity-starved bike. :(

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