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October/November always has the same thing in store for me - being sick. It seems that every year at this time I come down with some version of the flu.

This year, it was in my chest, and I spent 3 whole weeks neither running nor swimming. Not fun.

I've been back in the pool for 2 weeks now. It's been tough slogging, and I've been slowly building both my level of effort and duration of my swims. I'm starting to feel a bit better, but I'm still not able to go all out the way I should be able to at this time of year.

Interestingly, we've had 2 timed swims, and both of them have gone fairly well. Last Friday, after my third swim back, we did a timed 100 IM, which I managed to do in 1:25.x. Not too bad, considering. This week's swim was a 100 free, which I did in 1:19.3. My PB is 1:18, set back in February, but this is likely only the second time I've broken 1:20, so I'm pretty pleased.

The interesting bit about the 100 free is that, for the first time, I did all flip turns. They were horrible flip turns, but still. To me, this and my lack of conditioning led to me holding back a bit on the first 75, in fear/anticipation of the turns. I went hard on the last 25, but the impression I had before I knew my time was that there was lots of room for improvement - both in the turns and in the swim itself.


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