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I'm now losing 2-1 in the challenge with my wife. I took last Wendesday off from swimming in exchange for a much-needed 2.5 hours extra sleep. Pretty good deal.

I seem to have dropped all of the strength/flexibility work I was doing (read: Wii Fit). I keep meaning to spend an hour on it Tuesday mornings, but after Friday Swim, Saturday bike, Sunday Bike, Monday swim, Tuesdays I seem to wind up sleeping in, and resting my sore legs.

Probably ok for January, but I need to improve my core strength fairly soon.

Actually, the rides are really kicking my butt. It only takes 15 minutes or so for me to have completely warmed up the basement, be dripping sweat, and unhappy. iTunes podcasts are helping, but the huge loss of aerobic fitness I'm feeling right now makes me sad.

I am not, however, so sad that I will be discouraged.

I just wish I could run a bit more regularly. It's been bitterly cold of late.

My swim technique is slowly starting to come around. That hiatus was way too long, but really, when life comes calling, what can you do? We did some dps (distance per stroke) and breathing drills this morning, and there's no question that they helped.

The best thing about living in a new house is that I have new areas to explore. Oh, if only it were spring, and the bike could move outside!


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I made all 3 swims last week. The gauntlet has been thrown down with my wife, and we're both hoping to make 3/week a habit.

I also got on the bike 3 times last week, including a 40 minute "race" with Robbie Ventura. The volume was down just far enough that I could tune him out, but truth be told he was safe from my fists this time.

In fact, there was a brief moment in the DVD where he made me bury the needle. After that, my 10s were more like 7s and my 7s were more like 3s, but I'll get there in time.

The Question on Everyone's Minds


Was back on the trainer today. Threw the training video that came with it into the laptop, to watch as I rode along.

Ended up doing the warmup that came on the DVD.

I also learned that it only takes 6.5 minutes for me to want to punch Robbie Ventura in the face.

Happy New Year 2009

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I consulted a venerable sage, then promptly ignored his advice and went my own way.

Interestingly, I think the lowest my weight has been in the last 5 years was when I was riding this past spring. All in all, I think I preferred being a regular cyclist to a regular runner, though obviously both would be even better.

Thus, 2009 started with a 20 minute spin in the basement. Nothing major, but surprisingly I've been feeling it for the rest of the day.

Another feeling I preferred was the feeling of being active over the winter. I'm still not keen on running outside regularly, but if I can start to build my fitness now, spring is only a few months away.


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