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Drowning Slowly

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Pretty solid week of training: 3 swims, 2 runs, 1 trainer ride, and a 25 mile outside ride. I wound up dropping a planned ride on Sunday, partially because I was busy and partially due to lack of sleep. Sleep is an awfully important part of training.

The 25 mile ride on Friday was wonderful. I was positively buoyant after the ride. I can't wait to get back out there and do it again.

Crummy Weather

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Last week wasn't the best training week of my life. Of course, Easter treats didn't help.

What really hurt though was the weather. I ran on Tuesday, to my credit, but I ran in the snow! Ugh. I didn't get to ride outside all week, and my sunday run (after a 70 minute trainer ride) was windy and yucky.

Trying to look at the positives, the two swims I did were great core workouts, the pushups are starting to yield some good dividends, and I seem to be avoiding ITB so far. The weather outlook this week is fantastic, and I may bike to work. Most importantly, there is still lots of time left for training, and my base is pretty good, all things considered.

As Tony Kornheiser would say, though, it's "go time"!

Rubber Legs


Still no return of the hip discomfort. Obviously I'm pleased with that.

The swims HAVE been much tougher lately. Lots of butterfly. That and the pushups are making my shoulders and lats stronger, I'm sure.

Saturday was a full rest day. It felt good, and I'm positive I needed it. Sunday I rode for an hour and 40 minutes. My legs felt like rubber at the end, but it was a pleasant feeling.

(It's just too bad I followed up with a piece of cake!)

Last Thursday's run was around 5.5k. It seems like I'm making good progress, but the race is in 2 months. Ugh. So far still to go!


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