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Some places you'd just rather not visit....

Back in early july I had one of those cold/flu things that were going around. The adage is that, if it's "below the neck", don't work out. Since this was definitely below the neck, I didn't.

Eventually, with the help of a puffer and a few weeks convalescence, my lungs cleared up.

My chest, however, didn't. Not entirely.

Every so often, something would make me cough. When I would cough, it was intense, even violent. Worse, when I was done coughing, my first attempt to breathe in would fail. Totally. Mouth open, ribs expanding, no air. This would be followed by some seconds of wheezing and gasping as my airway slowly relaxed.

Now, a full 6 or 7 weeks after I first got sick, I still have awful coughing fits that leave me bent over. My airways aren't closing, but sometimes I need a pretty good pull to get my lungs full again.

I love aerobic exercise, but I've pretty much been unable to work out all summer. Ok, so I was a bit on the lazy side before I got sick, but it's different when you CAN'T. I watched the tour de france and longed for my bike. I went on vacation and took some short bike rides, and suffered. I kept telling myself I'd be back in the pool "next week".

The doctor is calling it "temporary asthma". All I know is that it's got me down.

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Warren, it's too bad to hear about your season getting sidelined. Hopefully the lungs will come back, though I'm sure by now "next week" is the last thing you want to hear.

There's new pedals waiting to be scratched from what I understand...

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