July 17, 2007

Marathon Week 3

Week 3 starts today after the Monday off day. I got a new pair of shoes to work with so hopefully it will be smooth sailing. Didn't get to the AM run today as I ended up staying home yesterday as my wife had some kind of 24 hour flu. This time I am ready as I brought my clothes and will stop on my way home to get todays hard Tempo Run in. With warmup/cooldown factored in this will be over 10 miles.....

The schedule:
Tuesday - 2miles Goal Pace, 4x1mile Tempo w(1:00) recoveries, 2 miles Goal Pace.
Wednesday - 3 miles w/5x100 strides
Thursday - 70 minute run w/6 minutes of hills
Friday - Off
Saturday - 5 miles
Sunday - 12 miles.

The plan calls for a 5k race in a few weeks. I may move that week up or back a week depending on what race I want to run.

July 16, 2007

running alone vs treadmill

As I got ready to do 4 miles on Saturday at the River Trail the thought came to me "wouldn't this be easier on the treadmill?" I mean it was a nice day outside but if you are running by yourself it can be hard to get started. Brigette made a blog post about things to do while on the mill and while some of them are tongue in cheek she does make some valid points. When at the gym on the mill there are things to look at ranging from the TV to others working out to observing the gym "scene".
Pace can also be controlled on the mill. Whether it is a speed workout where you need to hit a certain pace or an "easy" day when you need to avoid going too fast you can easily control the pace with a push of a button. Saturday I went out for an easy 4 and despite my telling myself to hold back I ended up doing 4 miles in 33:18 or just under 8:20 pace. If I had a coach I know it would be considered a little too fast compared to my 8 min goal pace. Sunday I planned to get my 10 in by doing a 4.3 mile loop on my own prior to joining the 6.42 club for their run. I tried to take the first loop real slow but still ended up doing it in around 8:20 pace. Overall I ended up doing 10.72 miles in 1:28:53 or 8:17 pace. I would like to do my long runs at 8:30-9 pace to start with the last few miles being at 8 min pace if I am feeling up to it. The beginning just needs to be a little slower.
I will continue to work on the "easy" outdoor pace in future runs as I don't want to be a slave to the mill except when necessary during the week.
33+ miles for the week which is an all-time record for me!

July 13, 2007

getting the run in

The likelihood of me getting out to run drops as the day goes on. If it's a workday I need to go before work and if it's a weekend I need to go before the family wakes up. Once the day gets going whether its work, kids activities are my just not feeling like getting off my butt it just doesn't happen. Yesterday I couldn't (didn't) get out of bed early enough in the morning to go to the gym so told myself I would have to get to it later. I thought I had a window in the afternoon between seeing the close of Wyatt's and Travis' basketball camp and getting them to their golf class but that didn't work out. I was determined to get the scheduled workout in however! It's Week 2 of marathon training and this would have been a very weak reason to miss a day. So at 9 pm with the kids in bed I went to the gym. I've told myself I would do that many times before but never made it but this time I actually went.

The plan called for a 1 hour run with 4-5 minutes of Uphill Time. No pace was specified so I suppose that meant "easy" but I wanted to at least finish near goal pace so I warmed up to 7.0 over the first 10 minutes and did that for the next 10 and increased .1 every 10 minutes finishing at 7.4. I did my hills by putting the incline to 7.0,8.0 or 9.0 for a minute during each segment and I did cut the speed down about .7 on each hill to keep a more even effort.

7.02 miles in 1 hour.
Breathing felt real good - definately conversational if I had someone to talk to.
Legs - a little fatigued toward the end but overall ok.

Most importantly I got it in!

Best of luck to Jen and her husband as they tackle a half marathon this weekend. She did a great job on qualifying and running Boston and has appeared to have gotten her form back after the post marathon recovery Her husband has gotten out there also and recently pushed her pretty hard in a 5k. A little spousal rivalry can never be a bad thing....lol

July 11, 2007

easy day!

For me one of the hardest things is to keep from wanting to push on a non-push day. It is weird for me running without ever feeling like you are breathing hard but from what everything I've read I need to do so in order to be ready for the harder workouts so who am I to argue.....

Treadmill for 3 miles + 4 100m Strides
Mile 1@6.8 with warmup 1/4@6.1
Mile 2@ 6.9
Mile 3@ 7.0
Strides at 11.5 recovering to walk at 4.0 for about 15 seconds in between.

Total 3.45m in 29:56.

Thanks Juls for the technical support. Your size recommendation was perfect though they aren't the same size in our respective blogs.

July 10, 2007

picture of the boys

I was a little slow getting out of bed this morning but I made it to the gym and by 5:30 was on the mill. 1 mile of warmup and then did 2 miles at my marathon goal pace of 8:00 followed by 2 miles of tempo at 7:35 with the last half mile bumped up to 7:30 and then 2 miles at goal pace with the last mile bumped up to 7:53 pace. 1 mile of cool down gave me 8 miles in 65:17 total. It felt tough but not like a race or anything. I'm pretty happy with how it went. The way the plan works Tuesday seems to be the hardest day pace wise so I'll look at those to see if my 8:00min/mile marathon goal pace is realistic.

I know some people can't do treadmills for running but I seem to be one of those that can and my paces carry over pretty accurately from treadmill to outdoors. I'll be hooked up with this plan for the next few months but I came across a few good treadmill workouts on Natalie's blog. She's a bit faster than me right now but the concepts of the workouts are good and it appeals to those of you (like me) who like to push buttons while they run.

Oh yeah and I thought I would put up a picture of the boys in an effort to spice up the blog a bit. Maybe next I can figure out how to get my picture up on the left side....