November 1, 2008


got in a car accident. hurt my knee. broke my funny bone. bruised my ribs n collar bone. running is taking a back seat to vicodin.

can't even knit. :(

October 6, 2008

Another 5

So last Wed I set out to run 5 miles at the indoor track which is 8 laps=1 mile. I didn't, I ran about 4.5 and walked the rest. My ankle was bugging me.

Today, i ran 5 at the indoor track, the first 5 where I ran the whole thing with no walking. I finished in 55:10, which is not as good as my usual 10 minute mile pace, but not all that far off! So i was pretty excited. My ankle didn't bug me and I found my knee brace so my knee was good too.

I think what helped is that I was on the track alone for the majority of the run until about 4 miles. Then an older guy came in and started walking. When i passed him the second time, he started jogging. I didn't think anything of it until the 5th or 6th lap when I noticed his feet clomping down heavily behind me, something I could hear over my music. I slowed down so he could pass me. He slowed down. I sped up. He sped up. I reaaaallly sped up and finally lost him, then slowed down again so as not to burn out. He caught up and maintained a pace behind me where he could keep me in sight. It was freaking me out. I didn't stop to walk at all because I didn't want to end up walking with him.

But yay, 5 miles and I'm not dead. Weee.

September 28, 2008

5 Mile Mark

I'm still running, just not blogging (sorry!)

Today, I ran my first 5 miles, and it went okay. My ankle was bugging me for the last mile (and of course my knee, which pretty much goes without saying) but I did make it in about 53 minutes. Somewhere in there I stopped to stretch and walk for a minute but overall it went pretty well. I ran at the montour trail because then I couldn't just give up at 4 miles and go home, since I run straight down the trail and have to turn around to get to my car. I was also racing the sun, since it was setting. That trail has no lighting.

I fully intended to post my workouts, since they're saved on my ipod, but for some reason I lost that data. I have no idea how that happened. And now it's Jan 15, according to my ipod.

Anyway, the point is, I ran 5 miles! I never thought i'd be able to run 5 miles. My legs are so as hell and I have no idea how I'm going to be able to run 13.1 miles, but I still have time, right? >_>

August 12, 2008

I have been running (or at least trying to), I just haven't been blogging about it. I ran last Monday and then again yesterday and today, I'm just not feeling it these last few weeks. With the hubby out of town, I'm doing twice as much with little to no time for schoolwork and running, so I've been doing schoolwork instead of running while he's been gone, mostly because I'm so tired at the end of each day that I just can't get up the motivation to run.

Last Monday's run was awesome. I came home from work and it was gorgeous outside, you could see every star, and i ran a lil over 2 miles, with no ipod! Usually if I don't have my ipod, I just don't run, so I was totally feelin it. The only real drawback to not having the ipod--I could hear my thighs slap together every time I jumped onto a curb. I still don't have runner's legs...

Yesterday and today's run were crap. I just wasn't in the mood the run, i didn't even remotely want to. i finally dragged myself out to the track around noon yesterday, only when I got there, I realized that not only had i forgotten my knee brace (which doesn't seem to help much anymore anyway), but my ipod had almost no battery life. The track was crazy busy, which I hate, but i did end up running about 2.5 miles. I walked the first and last quarter of the third mile because my knee was bugging me. I felt like I should have been able to run more, if it weren't for my knee.

Today, I was sooo tired. I decided to run around 7:30, much earlier than I usually do on a weekday, because I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't run at all. The plan was to run down to the track on the other end of town and run a mile on the track and run back, which would be roughly 3 miles. However, the park was really busy because of a baseball game so I just turned around and ran back. I ran almost 2 miles in 18 minutes but my knee hurt a lot.

I'm just not feeling the running these last few weeks.

I am very interested in swimming all of a sudden. All this Michael Phelps hype makes me want to be a swimmer. I might look into that for the school year, since the girls will be gone from 8-1 every day. I could run on the treadmill then jump in the pool... sounds heavenly... It'd totally give me an excuse to make myself run harder--the lure of the pool afterwards...

July 26, 2008

I'm still here. I ran last Saturday for 2 miles. It was a terrible run. I guess it didn't make me anxious to get back out there because I didn't run again until today, in the same place, also for only 2 miles. It was my knee today, not the heat, that cut my run short. It was killing me. I had pain shooting down my shin so I just stopped and iced it for awhile when I got home. I am going to try to run again tomorrow night because it's pretty much the only time I'll have all week unless I can find a babysitter. Hopefully tomorrow's run won't suck. Keep your fingers crossed.

July 14, 2008

Feelin the burn

I ran again, everything the same as yesterday, except it was the longest 3 miles I think I ever ran, excluding that stupid 5k that was all uphill (damn Pittsburgh!). A kid on the track passed me on his bike and I contemplated (for that 2 seconds he was near me) knocking him off and riding it to my car but realized that would probably take too much energy.

I started out too fast today. I think it was because there were so many walkers on the track and when I pass walkers, I sorta feel like i should do it quickly since I'm supposed to be running. When i looked at my ipod, I saw that I'd run a half mile in 4 minutes on the dot so I slowed down to my usual lazyish pace. I ran for 10 minutes, walked for a minute, ran another (slightly agonizing) 10 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, and when I started jogging again, it kinda felt like my body weighed at least 50 lbs more. I could actually feel every ounce of fat on my body bounce. I blame the gyro salad I ate 2 hours beforehand. (They really shouldn't call it a salad though. There was barely any lettuce. It was all meat and peppers and french fries and deliciousness...) Also, the backs of my legs were burning burning burning and I felt like I'd just done 3 consecutive "buns of steel" workouts in fast forward.

And I swallowed a bug.

3 times.

I'd say that makes me hardcore.

I finished 3 miles in 32:09, only 9 seconds more than yesterday, but it felt like it would NEVER END.

Then I came home, and my legs were sooo tight, so I thought I could walk it away a lil. I stretched, went over to Erica's and we walked. Only she was in the mood to REALLY walk so we ended up walking for almost 3 miles.

Currently, everything on my body hurts.

It was not a good day for staying motivated but I feel like I burned off at least half of that gyro salad so it wasn't a total waste.

July 13, 2008

Brady's Run

10:00 am, Brady's Run

1-10:00 min--Ran
11:00-12:00 min--walked
12:00-21:00 min--ran
21:00-23:00 min-walked
23:00-32:00 min ran

I noticed today that I run on my toes so I made an effort to do the heel-to-toe thing but every time I stopped paying attention, it was back to running on my toes. I heard that's not good for your knees, which would explain why my knee hurts today.

P.S. Humidity sucks