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ok, decision is made

Ok, I have decided to STICK WITH THE MARATHON. After many supportive comments and helpful suggestions I think that I am going to go ahead with it and just see how it goes. You never know if you can do it if you don't try right?
To answer some of people's questions out there:

Yes, it is a TRAIL marathon. I really prefer trails because I love being out in nature, mud, dirt, ect. I love the adventure, I enjoy a 15 mile trail run alot more than a 5 mile road run. That said, I think sticking with the trail marathon as opposed to a road marathon is best suited for me, at least at the moment.
I do refuel on the run. I have hit on my magic combo of saltines, fruit snacks and gatorade. However, is this enough or should I try more calorie-dense foods?
Taking a suggestions I did try gmap-pedometer but even at close zoom, you can't see the trail by the satelite image or the hybrid. I guess I can possibly ask a forest ranger to get his opinion of the length of the trails. I think I am also going to finally break down and get a garmin. I think this will really help me out as far as determining my true pace AND distance and give me a better idea of where I am.


Hello Turnip,
I don't want to discourage you regarding the garmin, but on the trails it will not give you the true numbers. It will still give you a good gauge. For example, I ran 9.5 miles (per the park map & trail signs) but garminia only noted it as 8.48 miles.
Congratulations on your decision.

cool! I second Juls' comment about the garmin. At the end of each trail run I do with my group, the guys get together and compare their garmins' numbres - always different. I generally take the average.

I would think you need more electrolytes. Try endurolytes or succeed caps (succeed has more, but I prefer endurolytes by hammer).

have you tried gels? I suggest crank e-gels - they have electrolytes in them as well. since I started using them, my performance has gotten much better. Also, you might want to see how many calories an hour you are consuming. I need approximately 300/hour to keep me going well.

yay for sticking with the Marathon! :) If you want a cheap route to figuring out your distance you could get the nike+ thing if you already have an ipod nano. Technically you are supposed to also wear nike+ shoes but I've "heard" you can attach the sensor to other shoes and it will work :)

You are making me remember that until when I found out what it was to run 18 miles I decided I wanted to run a marathon to know if I could go longer and how it feels.
Mind has many ups and downs during and after the runs, maybe in some more days you will be just ready to try again over and over :)

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