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waiting and more waiting, and a FABULOUS trail run

As we sit here waiting for word, I decided to head out to a great state park in the area.
I ended up having a FABULOUS trail run! There is no other way to describe it. I put in about 7 or 8 miles but had SO much fun exploring this park. The trails were a great mix of easy flat and wide to some technical single track going up and over dunes, hills, with roots rocks and sand. Part of one trail even edged along a bay where I got a beautiful panoramic view as I crested a high dune and stopped to rest a moment.
The temperature was hot (high 80's, low 90's) but the humidity wasn't bad and the nearby bay and ocean gave a nice breeze to keep me cool. Some points I was crossing sand and footbridges near the shore of the bay and in others I was climbing up roots and soft dirt through spanish moss covered trees.
For those interested and are ever in the Virginia Beach area I HIGHLY reccoomend checking out
First Landing State Park. Most of the trails are off-limits even to bikes (although there is one trail) so they are pretty quiet, especially on a weekday. Although I was aiming for closer to 9 miles rather than 7 or 8 , I couldn't have asked for a better trail run adventure!
Tomorrow a rest day with some yoga and then back at it on Friday...hopefully I am over my frustration and complete a long run on Saturday or Sunday of 3 or 4 hours, I may start aiming for time rather than distance for the purpose of not getting to frustrated and bailing and then being dissappointed on myself. Just a thought anyway...


I wish I can run a trail someday, sigh. Now I know where there is a great one, it sounds like paradise for running, great way you describe your feelings!
The marathon is the 27th, thanks for asking :)

Best tactic for me to overcome longer distances is when I tell myself that I will only be running as far as i can...no specific milages as a goal. Thinking "I can stop at any time"..those runs are the best, without any pressure :-)

sounds like a wonderful place to run. Your plan for the long run sounds good. Sometimes, though, we hit a bad patch where we start doubting ourselves and then 1 to 2 miles later, we get back in the groove. Keep this in mind before you think about stopping early.

sounds fanTAStic!

Glad you had a great run, that's why we run trails, for the scenery. How'd the long run go?

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