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wow, when life smacks you with a 2 x 4

Wow, a LOT is going on this week.
I can't give details but lets just say my adorable Navy husband may be headed out for awhile (not on anything dangerous) as long as 6 months. It is very short notice but I guess we knew this day would come and there is nothing you can do to TRULY prepare yourself for it. I drove up to where he is stationed on saturday with the cats to visit him and help him prepare for a possible long trip. No word yet but hopefully we will know soon. (those new to the blog, I am finishing up grad school this year while my husband is stationed with the Navy)
Nonetheless being that I am stuck here just to wait for news, it has given me a chance to dig back into my training after my set-back a week ago. In addition, I can explore new trails in the area including a 9 mile trail run scheduled for tomorrow! In fact, the husband and I went to a sport's store and found me a new pair of trail shoes. I selected the new ADIDAS Supernova Trail (Its the bright orange shoe)
My review so far is that I LOVE IT. but there are a few things to note:
1.) The lacing system is a bit cumbersome. The laces are very thin, sturdy, but you really have to yank eveything hard to get it to where it needs to be.
2.) I think the shoe may run a half size too big. I usually wear an eight but I got a 7.5 and it still might be a bit big on me. I have a narrow foot so that might be the case but be aware of that if you are considering this show.
I have only tested this on 5 miles of trails that weren't too technical but so far so good. Personally I don't mind the flaming orange (although the hubby thinks they are hideous!) After my 9 mile run tomorrow, I will report back and we will see how it goes.
I also got new sunglasses - I decided to NOT heed the advice of alot of running mags and purchased a cheap 20$ pair that is wrap around, reflective and, at least after 12 miles so far, has NOT fallen off my face or fogged up. So for the time being I will NOT be spending 100$ o 150$ on sunglasses that I may lose or break anyway.
Other than that, it is just wait wait wait. My two cats were really good on the ride up here but have had much fun turning my husbands apartment into there own personal jungle gym. At least for the moment, my 12 lb. going on 15 lb. white cat (creatively named Whitie) is making himself at home on the keyboard and his 6 lb. sister (creatively named Browie as she is a brown cat!) is chewing on my new trail shoes! Sigh...off to enforce the rule of mommy....


The good thing about trail shoes is that the color isn't so bright after a good run on a nice dusty trail. Just get 'em dirty and your husband will forget his opinion of them. Besides, its your feet that need to love them.

I think the flaming orange sounds awesome!!!!!! Have a good run tomorrow and thanks for the comment!!!!!!

sorry to hear about your hubby having to be away for so long.

i LOVE flaming orange!

what were the glasses you purchased? all cheap pair i buy (and they're all i buy) fog up real bad. even the $30 ones, which i don't even consider 'cheap' anymore.

I love cheap sunglasses for running.

If they fog up, you should by that stuff that people clean their glasses with. The defogger stuff. I would think it works on sunglasses, too.

Sorry to hear about your hubby.

I'd love to own a flaming orange pair of running shoes! Glad to hear you are still doing the marathon. thank you for your very nice comment today, btw.

I can't see buying expensive sunglasses for sport either. My favorites are a cheap pair I got for $1 at a rummage sale.

I hope you get news on your hubby soon. That must be so hard not knowing for sure.

hope you find out soon about hubby.

I only buy cheap sunglasses. In fact, my favorite pair were $10 trendy bug-eyed glasses from old navy that my hat and visor barely fit above. Sadly, I left them at an aid station at my last race. Bummer! I found a new, lower-profile pair that work pretty well. My only desire in sunglasses is that they are polarized, to keep the glare down.

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